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LA Taking Drastic Measures To Combat Climate Change

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Painting The Streets White In LA (LA Street Service)

Painting The Streets White In LA (LA Street Services)

Just when you thought the global warming insanity had finally peaked, in terms of ridiculousness, a California city has launched a costly, tax-payer funded initiative to combat the effects of global warming.

Fox News reports that Los Angeles has begun painting its streets white to reduce the temperature in the city and to combat the effects of climate change.

Obviously, Californians can rest easy knowing that their politicians are working hard on matters that are important to the people.

Some Californians will wake up and worry about whether or not they are going to be killed by the illegal aliens who are committing crimes while in America who are being protected and sanctioned by California officials.

Others might be concerned about the bloated and unbalanced budget that the state is trying to manage.

Still, others might wake up and begin thinking about how California is going to be dealing with its growing homelessness crisis, it’s rampart heroine epidemic, or the problem with piles of human waste being spotted on major city streets.

Despite the growing number of problems that are reaching crisis-level, Los Angeles is spending tax-payer money to combat a fictitious but very political crisis called Climate Change.

Remember, we don’t call it Global Warming anymore because the inconvenient truth to the global warming fear-mongering is that the Earth has stopped warming. Now we say that any “change” to the climate is a symptom of a world-ending event brought on by mankind.

Even weather patterns are attributed to climate change. Too much rain, too little rain, too much snow, too little snow, strong tornadoes and hurricanes or none at all, droughts, floods, and even mudslides and forest fires are knocked up to global warming.

None of it has nothing to do with that giant ball of fire in the sky called “the Sun” or the fact that weather and climate are always changing, but has everything to do with us driving our SUVs.

If you were a subscriber to the Church of Climate Change, you might even suspect that the warming of the Earth is directly correlated to fact that, just a couple kilometers below the Earth’s surface is a temperature that is “incredibly hot.” While speaking about geo-thermal energy, the leader of the Church of Climate Change, Al Gore, has stated that the temperature below the Earth’s surface is several million degrees:

On an unrelated note, Al Gore is on his way of becoming the first billionaire to have made his fortune hocking the idea that the Earth will be ending because of mankind’s carbon footprint. Gore has given stunning predictions that include a devastating rise in sea levels, just before he purchased his sea-side mansion, and the complete submergence of the lower Manhattan:

Gore has claimed that this last prediction has already happened with the Hurricane Sandy flooding of lower Manhattan in 2012. To Gore, apparently, the temporary flooding from a storm is the equivalent of Greenland and the ice in the arctic melting enough to raise the sea levels.

Al Gore’s carbon footprint is massive, but we are not supposed to notice that because somebody has to ride private jets to get the word out.

All climate change talk aside, Los Angeles is hoping that their “white streets” initiative is going to cut back on the temperature of the city and help curb Global Warming… er, Climate Change.

What do you think? Should LA be more focused on their out of control gang problem or is painting the streets white a better use of time and tax-payers’ money?

Source: Fox News

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