Leftist March With Anti Gun Rights And NRA Signs Surrounded By Armed Security Officers For Protection

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A feminist march, protesting the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association (NRA), was discovered to have been in the midst of “nuclear-level hypocrisy” when viewers noticed large men carrying guns marching along-side the women for security.

Townhall reports that protesters were marching, chanting, and carrying signs with a slew of anti-NRA and anti-gun messages:

-Real men don’t need guns

-No one is safe unless everyone is safe

-Loaded guns under beds are bad

-The NRA doesn’t respect women’s rights

-The NRA is full of bigots


However, more than one observer quickly noticed the fairly large “real men” who were armed, walking along side the anti-gun protesters.

Real Men Don't Need Guns AI

The march took place in Fairfax, Virginia, and the group traveled to Washington D.C.

One of the lead community organizers of the group is a well-known Leftist feminist by the name of Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour has become infamous for her public cries to launch a jihad against the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

People became alarmed because this was the same battle cry of the thousands of radical Islamists across the world.

However, Sarsour was given a platform to speak in the Washington Post, where she explained that the jihad she was speaking of was the peaceful kind, a sort of Martin Luther King Jr type of speaking truth to power, and not the violent holy war kind that would be the definition that most people are familiar with, simply based on the multitude of radical Islamists carrying out attacks on innocents in the name of jihad.

Behind the group of feminist anti-gun protesters is the Michael Bloomberg organization Everytown For Gun Safety.

Everytown For Gun Safety received national attention in 2014 when it was discovered to have hired armed security guards for another anti-gun event.

Spokesman Erika Soto Lamb responded to the calls of hypocrisy.

Everytown USA Tweet

It’s unclear whether or not, at some point in the future, that these anti-gun feminists will choose to ditch their hired guns as they march in protest of people being able to own guns.

Source: Town Hall

Source: Conservative Tribune

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