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The Left’s 30 Ft Inflatable Attack On Trump BACKFIRES In A Spectacular Way

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The Left has come up with a way to try to take President Donald Trump down a few notches, and it involves creating a giant inflatable rooster with the hairstyle of Trump and holding up its hands using a gesture that Trump has become known for when he speaks.

Trump Float FI

However, Trump supporters were quick to develop their response, and it involved using the Left’s creation as a sort of mascot for their Make America Great Again hero.

Some social media users used the float to play on President Trump’s promise to respond to military actions from 3rd world country dictators with “Fire and Fury.”

Trump Float 1

Another used the advertising campaign form Chickfil-A in which they inserted the inflatable rooster into the middle.


Trump Float 1

Another added a pair of pixelated sunglasses which, in the “meme world,” is a symbol meaning “Deal with it.”

The idea is to put the sunglasses on someone in a situation in which people might become offended or irritated.

In this situation, it looks as though the Trump rooster is holding North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un by the scruff of his neck.

Trump Float 10

Another user added the rooster to the presidential seal of the United States.

Trump Float 9

One of our favorites, simply because of the detail in the artwork, does a play off of the story line of Godzilla, only they refer to their meme as MAGAZILLA.

Trump Float 8

Somebody else put the rooster at a podium with Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan looking on and applauding. Trump Float 7

Another has the inflatable rooster making the venture down the escalator of Trump Tower where Donald Trump made history by announcing his bid for the presidency.

Trump Float 6

Others have the rooster in a mushroom cloud, dropping out of a plane as if they were bombs, or people running in terror from the inflatable rooster.

We like to think the people running are Liberal snowflakes running for their safe spaces.

Trump Float 5

Trump Float 4

Trump Float 3

Finally, a nod to a meme that was created from a meme about an 80’s video game with broken English in its opening:

Trump Float 2

Let us know which one is your favorite, and a special thank you to Know Your Meme for providing the background on a couple memes we were unsure about.

Source: Breitbart

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