Liberal Insanity: Chicago Mayor Promotes Illegal Aliens While Banning A Duly Elected President

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Chicago Mayor and former Obama Administration Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, has further solidified his reputation as a politician who is more interested in serving the criminal elements of American society rather than law-abiding citizens.

This after Emanuel responded to the Trump administration’s efforts to retire Obama’s executive order DACA program by declaring that Chicago would be a “Trump-free zone.”

“Our schools, our neighborhoods, our city – as it relates to what President Trump said – will be a Trump-Free Zone.”

There are two things to keep in mind when hearing a statement like this.

Firstly, Donald Trump was a legally elected president who was chosen because a majority of the Electoral College picked him, based off of the ballots cast in the nationwide election.

In other words, Donald Trump is the personification of the will of the people based on the results of a presidential election.

Just because those who did not vote for Donald Trump (Democrats) are unhappy with the results, and are rioting in the streets and blocking traffic to express their displeasure, does not mean that the president is illegitimate.

Secondly, aside from siding with DACA’s Dreamers, who were granted amnesty by Barack Obama’s “mighty pen,” Rahm Emanuel has publicly stated that Chicago will remain a safe haven for illegal immigrants by continuing sanctuary city policies.

What this means is that a sitting mayor of a major American city is publicly stating that he is in favor of protecting those who openly break American laws by sneaking into the country illegally or overstaying their visas, and is also in favor of preventing a duly elected President of the United States from visiting the city.

The Democratic Party, and its leaders, continue to be the political party that supports illegal behavior, and the political party that has caused an undermining of American law.

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Source: Fox News

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