Lori Lightfoot’s Solution To Robbery Victims: Stop Carrying Cash

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a unique and somewhat unorthodox solution to the skyrocketing robberies that are plaguing Little Village vendors: simply stop carrying cash.

The mayor made her remarks during a mayoral debate, saying,


“We’ve been in Little Village working with those vendors hand and glove to make sure that they are doing things that they can do to protect themselves like not using cash, making sure that the cash that they do take in is secure.”


This type of thinking is bizarre, especially considering that the easiest way of keeping the residents and workers safe would be to crack down on the criminals that are literal menaces to society. The obvious solution is to take a stand against crime rather than try to make the criminals’ targets less appealing.

Ease gun restrictions to make it easier for law abiding citizens to carry firearms in Chicago. A robber is less likely to go after a vendor that they think may be armed than a vendor that they know is unarmed.

Enact stiffer sentences for criminals to ensure the prison system is not just a revolving door where the bad guys spend a minimal amount of time behind bars before preying on innocent people on the street.

Increase the manpower of the police and enact proven policies such as “stop and frisk” and “broken window strategies.” Forget the Left’s efforts to defund the police and instead begin to Back the Blue.

Lightfoot’s solution would be akin to a father telling his son, who is getting picked on by bullies at school, to just fall down and lay still or to stop carrying lunch money, arguing that the bullies will eventually move on and no longer be interested in giving the son wedgies or swirlies. Her solution will likely only accomplish the criminals to be emboldened to do whatever they want to vendors knowing that the mayor’s administration is not taking the problem seriously.

As per usual, as far as Democrat politicians go, the solution is not to get to the root of the problem and solve it, the solution is instead to put a bandage over the gangrenous wound and call it a day. The result is that the problem continues to get worse until another bandage is applied and the cycle repeats itself.

During Lori Lightfoot’s tenure, crime has only skyrocketed across the city, with robberies numbering in the thousands and homicides surpassing that of most war zones. There is much work to be done in Chicago to convince the citizens, who have not yet fled the city, that they are safe, but it is certainly going to have to begin with getting a mayor who is taking the issue of crime a little more seriously.


Source: Fox News

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