Matt Walsh Reviews TikTok Videos… And Visibly Dies Inside

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Conservative commentator, comedian, national best-selling author of the LGBT book Johnny the Walrus, leader of the Sweet Baby Gang, and contributor at the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh, seems to be a glutton for punishment. At least, this is what he appears to be as his producer forces him to watch another batch of “Day In The Life Of” TikTok videos. These are videos that feature adults who think the world would be interested in seeing how they live.

Before you ask, these are not necessarily interesting people. We are not talking about a day in the life of an astronaut or a day in the life of a Hollywood stuntman. Instead, Walsh watches a day in the life of individuals with very bland lives.

To begin with, we have a Velma-looking woman who thinks she is a psychic and who thinks her home is haunted. Throughout her video, the psychic videotapes herself sipping coffee while someone in the background moves objects to make it look mysterious and spooky. Matt mocks the fact that, if there is an afterlife, ghosts seem to be just spending their days pushing around inanimate objects.

The psychic continues her interesting day-in-the-life video by showing us a clip of her working out and a clip of her buying things at a thrift shop. Who says TikTok is a waste that occupies the time of the unintelligent?

After the incredible video of the day in the life of a psychic, we move on to a day in the life of a woman who is living out of her van. Again, we could have had a day in the life of a heart surgeon or the day in the life of a professional athlete, but we instead get to watch a person explain how they live like a homeless person. Perhaps this is a bit more relevant to anyone living in a country run by the Biden administration. We’ll give TikTok partial credit for this one.

Then we get to the worst of the four. A short clip of a stay-at-home-husband. What is a stay-at-home husband? It’s a man who does not go to work every day, but instead stays at home while his wife goes out to make a living. This would be one thing if the guy was taking care of children, but the stay-at-home husbands of TikTok feature the saddest and most pathetic individuals with no pride and no shame.

After all, it’s common knowledge based on billions of years of human history, that women are seeking men who lay on the couch all day and who live off of their earnings… isn’t it?

The last clip is one of a female pilot, and Walsh cannot help but point out that she does not have the thick and lustrous mustache of Sully Sullenberger.

The hardest part of all of this is watching Walsh sink deeper and deeper in his chair, as if his body was just slowly giving up on life. We can only hope that Matt’s spirits were picked up when he went back home to his wife, six children, and life-sized stuffed walrus.


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