Maxim Model Talks About Being A Secret Trump Supporter In The Modeling Industry

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This former Trump Campaign staffer talks about her book “Find My Place: Making My Parents’ Dream Come True”

She talks about coming out as a Trump supporter in the modeling industry.

As much as the left talks about being against hate. They sure do have a lot of hate for anyone that thinks different than them. Whats also strange is what they think seems to change from month to month.

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    1. Barbie

      August 7, 2020 at 12:25 pm

      I am going to read the book. She is so right about children being affected by tv and the media. I gave my granddaughter a trump button to wear in 2016. She loved it She wore it to school and a lot of the kids made fun of her. Just not right and so mean. I cant wait to read the book, Thank you for speaking up.

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