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The child star known as “Mini AOC” is back, and she’s just as adorable and funny as ever.

8-year-old Ava Martinez was launched into the national spotlight when she took to social media to mock Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

The young girl donned AOC-style, thick-framed glasses and lipstick and warned of the dangers of cow farts and an impending world ending scenario in just 12 years.

The videos were complete with numerous “likes” and “omg’s,” poking fun at the junior congresswoman’s ditsy valley girl-like demeanor in which she complains about the rich at the, in her words, “tippy-top.”

Mini AOC lambasted AOC’s Green New Deal, her lack of understanding about basic economic principles, as well as her intelligence in general.

The child also took a shot at AOC’s emotional photo-shoot where the Representative stood outside a fence and appeared to shed tears as she stared at an empty road/parking lot.

Mini AOC Photoshoot

Whether it was because the Left does not have a sense of humor or because the jokes were becoming too effective, it was at this point that Mini AOC had been doxxed and her family started receiving death threats.

Out of concern for their child’s well-being, the family made the decision to stop the parodies and pull Mini AOC off the Internet.

For a while, we all thought that was the end of Mini AOC. The bullies and fascists of the Left had seemed to have won as they convinced Free Speech into taking a back seat…

…Until now. 

Mini AOC is back and she is as funny as ever.

This time, she is mocking the fact that the Left is using 16-year-old Greta Thunburg, a child with autism, to advance their climate change agenda.

Rather than relying on facts or clear and rational arguments, the Left is pushing children forward to make their arguments for them while at the same calling anyone who disagrees with their arguments a monster for “attacking” a child with autism. The Left is essentially using kids, now, as human shields to protect themselves from criticism.

This is not a child who is having a good time and who is in on a joke, as seems to be the case of Mini AOC. Instead, Greta is a child who claims to have had her childhood stolen, who has publicly stated that she has not had the ability to live the life of a normal teenager because she has been convinced that global warming is destroying the planet. She seems to actually believe that cow farts and CO2 emissions are going to result in the deaths of millions.

It’s borderline child abuse, but that means nothing to a side that believes the ends justifies the means.

Mini AOC takes a shot at young Greta, the “Chicken Little” climate change agenda, and the beach houses that are being bought by Democrats who are warning that the ocean levels are rising.

Check out the video below:



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