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NFL Star Russell Wilson Saw A Soldier Carrying His Bags To Coach … His Next Action Was Pure Class

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Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is known to be one of the classiest and most chivalrous players in the National Football League (NFL).

Some of his characteristic traits include being an outspoken Christian, an active volunteer, and an active Tweeter in the Twitter world.

During one particular trip, he lived up to those reputations on a typical flight with Alaska Airlines.

While flying with the Alaska Airlines, he noticed an American soldier walking towards the coach section of the airplane.

Being the good Christian man that he is, he quickly and almost immediately upgraded the soldier’s ticket to a first-class seat.

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A little bit later, Wilson learned that the warrior was actually on his way home.

What a great way to make the last segment of his trip home.

The soldier was so amazed by Wilson’s kindness that he logged onto Twitter to tell the world about it.

Russell Wilson was on my flight back to Seattle and he brought me up to first class. Mad respect! #clutch

— Kane Bernas 


A few moments later, Wilson responded by thanking Bernas for his service to the United States.

Anytime Kane… Thanks for serving our great country be serving with the Army! #GoUSA @AlaskaAir


No matter whatever team you are rooting for, you have to admire Wilson’s diligence and immediate response to seeing a soldier traveling home in less than the best.

Heroes 2

Wilson’s great service and big heart isn’t limited to showing respect for those soldiers returning home from war.

He is an active volunteer in Seattle and the area surrounding the city.

He visited the Seattle Children’s Hospital on a weekly basis, even during the height of the NFL season.

He has also supported soldiers at a nearby base, the base of Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

While most players relax and vacation during the off-season, Wilson hosts the Russell Wilson Passing Academy, a youth football camp in several cities throughout the nation.

He is also the National Ambassador for the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association, to which he donated the proceeds from the Russell Wilson Passing Academy in 2012.

For the past two years, he has been a large partner with Russel Investments for its program titled after him, “Invested with Russell.”

The program donates $3,000 to Russell Wilson’s charitable foundation for each and every touchdown he scores.

Russel Wilson is the type of positive role model that America is desperately in need of.

Far too many youths are looking to Hollywood and the music industry as people to emulate.

For example, Snoop Doggy Dog has a large and loyal fan base who regularly pick up whatever he puts out. Yet Mr. Dog uses his rap lyrics and videos to advocate for drugs, sex, and even the assassination of the United States President.

It’s unfortunate to say, but in the United States, you are likely going to come across a dozen celebrities with no sense of morality, honor, or decency before finding someone like Russel Wilson.

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