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Hilarious: College Students Love Donald Trump’s Tax Plan… When They Think It Comes From Bernie Sanders

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Campus Reform has released a hilarious video in which college students were asked about parts of Bernie Sanders’ proposed tax plan, but without the knowledge that they were actually responding positively to the tax plan proposed by the Trump administration.

The video begins with Campus Reforms’ Cabot Phillips asking students at George Washington University what they thought of Donald Trump’s tax plan.

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The answers were pretty standard for what many would expect of college students these days with several immediately going to the class warfare talking points that Democrats often use:

“It’s better for the upper class than anyone else…”

“It’s very much horrible for the middle class, especially the lower class…”

“I mean, not ideal…”

“It’s probably not the most efficient or beneficial to the general populace…”

“Pretty negative…”

But Phillips had an interesting idea. What would happen if he gave details about the tax plan, but gave the credit to failed presidential candidate and self-avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders:

“What would those same people were told that that tax plan was actually Bernie Sanders’ plan?”

Phillips introduced the college students to the Bernie Sanders tax plan, which he referred to as “the compassionate alternative.”

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The responses quickly changed with students explaining, in detail, why each of the main points of Trump’s tax plan, when attributed to Bernie Sanders, were a good thing.

The points mentioned in the video included,

  • Increasing child tax credits
  • Eliminating the inheritance tax (death tax)
  • Lowering small business rates to 25% max

As a whole, the group of interviewed students determined Bernie Sanders’ compassionate alternative tax plan to be far superior to the Trump tax plan.

Which is why it was hilarious to see their faces when Phillips revealed that the Bernie Sanders tax plan was actually the Donald Trump tax plan.

The students appeared to be stunned by the news.

Keep in mind, these are students who are attending a major university, and are supposedly learning how to critically think to prepare themselves for the real world.

What one could actually conclude, though the sample size of the video is tiny, is that college students are actually being indoctrinated and conditioning themselves to be close-minded.

One young woman actually said,

“I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things.”

It really shouldn’t be shocking, unless you were to buy into the negative picture that the Left and the Drive By Media has painted of the 45th president.

To them, Donald Trump is, at worst, Hitler incarnate, and, at best, a feeble-minded old man with a temper, no idea what’s going on, and with direct access to America’s nuclear arsenal.

You can watch the hilarious video below, and don’t forget to tag a friend:



Source: Campus Reform

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