Oakland Police Chief Faces Community Backlash For Helping Federal Agents With Human Trafficking Raid On Illegal Aliens

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A police chief is facing a backlash from her community for using city law enforcement resources to aid an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raid on illegal aliens suspected of participating in the human trafficking of minors.

Oakland, California is one of several heavily Liberal strongholds that thumb their noses at federal laws as they openly enact sanctuary city policies.

According to the East Bay Times, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), which is a part of ICE, asked the local authorities for their assistance in controlling traffic as they conducted a raid on a residence that housed two individuals suspected of being involved in the human trafficking of minors.

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick agreed to lend officers to aid federal agents, and the raid was conducted.

Two men were apprehended and one of those two is facing the possibility of deportation. The other man was released.

Because no criminal charges were lodged against the two men, Oakland community officials claimed that the Oakland Police violated the sanctuary city policies that were passed by the city council and that federal authorities misled local officials about the nature of the raid.

Councilwoman Desley Brooks was bothered by the fact that Chief Kirkpatrick had not actually seen the warrant used to initiate the raid against the Guatemalan family that resided at the residence, and claimed that the local police had been misled when they were asked by HSI to assist the raid by providing traffic control.

Furthermore, Councilwoman Brooks claimed that Chief Kirkpatrick did not have an “understanding or appreciation” for the city’s sanctuary city policies.

In other words, HSI wanted to initiate a raid in Oakland, claiming that there was suspicion that two residents were participating in human trafficking. The Oakland Police Department agreed to provide traffic control for the raid. The raid was conducted, and two men were apprehended. No criminal charges were filed, but one of the two men is now facing deportation for allegedly being in the country illegally.

For this reason, the Liberals in Oakland are upset at their police department.

Because the police provided support to Homeland Security agents, not in apprehending any illegal aliens, but in offering traffic control during a raid that ended with an illegal alien possibly being deported, Chief Kirkpatrick is facing a community backlash.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Left has doubled down on their resistance to the administration’s efforts to get state and local jurisdictions to comply with federal laws that require them to turn in criminal illegal aliens.

Though the Trump administration has threatened to cut off federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions, there are still many Liberal cities that remain obstinate when it comes to enforcing immigration laws.

What do you think? Did Chief Kirkpatrick do the right thing in helping HSI with their raid?

Source: ABC 7 News

Source: East Bay Times

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

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