Rush Limbaugh: They’re Trying To Make Chicken Salad Out Of Chicken Excrement

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Conservative radio host and professor at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Anti-Liberal Studies, Rush Limbaugh, mocked the Drive By Media’s attempt to turn another situation into an allegation that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian Government to secure the White House.

“They’re trying to make chicken salad out of chicken excrement!” 

The Main Stream Media, particularly avid anti-Trump news outlets like the New York Timesthe Washington Post, and CNN went into high gear to push the suggestion that Donald Trump Jr. agreeing to meet with a Russian lawyer was clearly Russian collusion.

“That’s why they are doing everything in their power to make this look like a crime when it isn’t.

In other words, if the media, and if the Democrats thought they had any other evidence, they wouldn’t be making this big of a deal out of Donald Trump Jr. emails and the subsequent meeting that wasn’t about what they’re trying to tell people it was about.” 

The incident Limbaugh was referring to happened in the Summer of 2016, as Donald Trump Jr’s father was getting preparing to go against Hillary Clinton in the General Election.

A third party contacted Donald Trump Jr, claiming that Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had damaging information that she had obtained from high up in the Russian government.

Trump Jr. accepted the invitation to meet, but it was soon learned that Veselnitskaya was merely a lobbyist who had no information to offer, and had lied in order to receive the meeting.

The meeting was ended and no opposition research was reportedly obtained by Donald Trump Jr.

The Left has done everything it can to insinuate that Donald Trump Jr. broke the law by accepting the meeting with a foreigner who was offering opposition research on a political candidate, but has yet to explain what law was actually broken.

As with every other Russian collusion narrative that the Drive By Media has run with since the election of Donald Trump, the media merely puts out the facts, suggests that they indicate some sort of wrong-doing by reporting on them repeatedly and with a sense of urgency, and then leaves their readers and viewers to fill in the blanks as to how those facts indicate any sort of illegal action or collusion.

Unlike the Clinton Campaign of 2016, which we learned was colluding with the media through the leaked John Podesta emails, there has yet to be any clear evidence that indicates that the Trump Campaign actually colluded with the Russian government.

Indeed, according to the book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, it was the Clinton Campaign that devised the Russian collusion narrative, just days after the election, to justify why Hillary Clinton failed to secure the White House for the second time.

Limbaugh expressed frustration at this latest attempt of the Drive By Media to push the Russian collusion narrative based on no evidence,

“It is clear from the documents and statements of all involved that Donald Trump Jr. did nothing wrong. He broke no law.”


Source: Rush Limbaugh Show

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