Woman Files Fraudulent Workman’s Comp Claim After Hitting Herself In The Head With A Sprinkler

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A Florida woman has become a leading contender for the “Dumbest Criminal Of The Year Award” after filing a phony workman’s compensation claim, saying that she had been struck in the head by a sprinkler head.

Unfortunately for her, the security cameras were rolling, and she was caught on video striking herself in the face.

Often times, we come across instances where an individual or a group of individuals are attempting to game the system in order to collect an easy paycheck without having to earn it.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a crime ring that is found to have created multiple food stamp accounts and cashing in the money, other times it can come in the form of a business-owner who is using food stamps to purchase inventory for his convenience store.

We have even seen one instance in which an alleged heroin kingpin was using food stamps and living in subsidized housing at the expense of the American taxpayers.

Yet a Fort Lauderdale woman seems to have taken the cake.

Sheyla White, a former employee of Cinque Terre Energy Partners, was sitting at her desk when an object, later identified as a sprinkler head, fell from the ceiling and landed nearby.

Workman's Comp 1

White appears startled, either by the seeing the object falling or from the noise that it made when it hit her desk. She examines the object as well as where it fell from.

Within seconds after picking up the sprinkler head, White seemingly hatches her scheme, and looks around to ensure that nobody is watching.

Sprinkler Injury 2


Then White takes the sprinkler head, and slams it into her forehead, creating the injury for which she later claimed workman’s compensation for.

The company filed the claim, but grew suspicious after examining the surveillance video.

White was later charged and convicted with workers’ compensation insurance fraud.

The most incredible thing about this incident is the speed at which a person hatches a scheme to commit a felony. Only seconds pass between the time that the sprinkler head hits White’s desk, and the time that she uses the object to hit herself in the face.

One can almost see the gears clicking in her head after the sprinkler head lands.

Watch the video below, and let us know what you think.



Source: Fox News

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