Texas Sheriff Working To Hinder Immigration Enforcement Efforts

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Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez is back in the news again, and this time it’s over allegations that her department is handing out pamphlets that instruct potential illegal aliens on how to temporarily avoid deportation proceedings.

The scheme involves instructing illegal aliens on how to apply for what is known as a U Visa.

A U Visa would apply to an individual who has suffered substantial physical or mental abuse, and who is willing to cooperate with law enforcement or government officials in the investigation or prosecution of criminal activity.

Because each U Visa needs to be certified by a law enforcement official or a district attorney, the deportation proceedings will temporarily screech to a halt until a determination about the U Visa is made.

According to Fox-7, out of Austin, the United States ordinarily issues roughly 10,000 U Visas each year.

Hernandez’s pamphlets instruct illegal aliens about how to apply for such a status.

The Travis County Sheriff has a history of attempting to aid those who are in the United States illegally, as she had previously proclaimed that her district would not provide aid to immigration enforcement officials, or notify those officials when her department apprehends an illegal alien for a crime.

In response to Hernandez’s blatant disregard for federal immigration laws, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, along with the Texas State Legislature, passed SB 4, which essentially cracks down on sanctuary city policies.

SB 4 allows law enforcement officers to ask a detained individual about their immigration status, and also makes it a criminal offense to disregard federal detainers.

A detainer is a request from ICE for a law enforcement agency to hang on to an illegal alien beyond the time that they are scheduled to be released.

This is done so that ICE can have time to arrange to have the illegal alien picked up and potentially processed for deportation proceedings.

Hernandez’s plan to instruct illegal aliens on how to delay the deportation proceedings, although technically not illegal, is yet another example of how the Left is attempting to obstruct the law.

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Source: Fox-7 Austin





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