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Paramedics Grant Patient’s Last Wish

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Two paramedics went above and beyond the call of duty in fulfilling a dying patient’s last request.

It happened in Queensland, Australia, where a pair of paramedics were in the process of transporting a terminally ill woman who was in her 70’s.

According to the Courier MailDanielle Kellam and Graeme Cooper were transporting their patient from her home to the palliative care unit at the local hospital.

Kellam and Cooper were aware of the patient’s love of the nearby ocean, and during a trip just one week earlier, she had told the two paramedics that she and her husband had moved to the Hervey Bay area and fallen in love with the beach.

Knowing of her desire to see the ocean one last time before she passed, the paramedics asked her if she would like to make a beach-side detour.

“Could we?” she asked.

The paramedics found a nice, quiet spot, and wheeled the patient towards the water so that she could experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean one last time.

Graeme even took a vomit bag, and filled it up with sea water so that the terminally ill patient could feel the ocean as well.

“She was there with her arm in the bag and feeling the ocean and she actually tasted the salt water.”

The woman told the paramedics that she was at peace and that everything was right.

A picture of the scene, along with a brief description, was uploaded to the Queensland Ambulance Service’s social media page.

The heartwarming story of two paramedics demonstrating empathy for their charge quickly went viral with tens of thousands of well-wishers expressing their gratitude for their good deed.

Golden Rule Meme

One common theme that seemed to appear in many of the posts of support was that empathy is a critical part of the health care process, even if it does not have any immediate health benefits.

From the little things, like the simple holding of a patient’s hand, to the big things, like taking a terminally ill patient to the beach, it’s important to remember that we are all human, and we all deserve a little bit of dignity and love.

This seems to be something that we can all agree on, especially when we consider social media’s reactions to the loving gesture of the two Queensland paramedics, and compare that to the callousness of the two, now-fired, nurses at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center, who ignored a dying WWII vet, begging for help, and laughing after he passed.

Imagine if 89-year-old James Dempsey had experienced the love and compassion displayed by Queensland’s Danielle Kellam and Graeme Cooper rather than the heartless and cold treatment of the former Georgia nursing home nurses.

Source: Fox News

Source: The Courier Mail

Source: Queensland Ambulance Service


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