More “Peaceful” Liberals: Portland Police Shut Down Anti-Trump Protest As Protesters Start Throwing Bricks

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In Portland, a pro-Trump, pro-free speech rally sat right across the street from an anti-Trump rally, and it wasn’t long before the “peaceful Liberal protesters,” wielding clubs, brass knuckles, bricks, and balloons filled with “foul-smelling liquids,” attacked the police, prompting authorities to close down a section of the city.

For several hours, the pro-Trump group, identified as Patriot Prayer, gathered in Terry Schrunk Plaza, a small park located just across the street from City Hall.

North of the pro-Trump event lies two seperate parks, Chapman Square and Lownsdale Square, where the anti-Trumpers were gathering.

The anti-Trump rally-goers identified themselves as “antifa,” which is short for “anti-fascist.” Some have mocked the group’s past violent tactics to shut down the voice of opposing viewpoints by calling them “anti-First Amendment.”

Antifa members are often clad in black, with their faces covered with bandannas and sunglasses to hide their identities.

AntiFa FI

This group is responsible for multiple instances of destruction of property in business districts, violence towards Trump supporters, arson, and violence towards the police.

According to KGW-News, after multiple violent attacks from antifa members, the authorities shut down the south side of Chapman Square, where antifa protesters were gathering, and the “peaceful Liberals” continued chucking objects at the police.

It was after that that the police closed down Chapman Square entirely, and some antifa protesters began marching downtown.

The Liberal activists made it roughly four blocks before the police stopped the march and began arresting protesters.

14 people were arrested and the authorities photographed the identification of anyone found in the area before they were allowed to leave.

The police reported that the members of the pro-Trump rally were not engaged in criminal activity, and that it was only the antifa crowd that they were having problems with.

Yet this should not really be a surprise as much of the violence, in the recent years, has come from Liberals and Liberal groups.

Even though Leftists are marching and chanting, “Love Trump’s hate,” the vast majority of the hateful rhetoric and violence seems to be appearing solely on the side of the Left.

Why do you suppose that is?


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