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Police Honor Terminally Ill K9 One Last Time Before He Is Euthanized

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A touching story out of Connecticut as police officers honor one of their own before he had to be put down.

Officer Hunter, a K9 member of the Middletown Police, was given a final and moving farewell by fellow officers as he was carried to the vet where he was to be euthanized.

K9 Hunter FI

Officer Michael D’Aresta, the K9’s handler, had to make the difficult decision after tests revealed that Officer Hunter had an aggressive form of liver cancer.

The Middletown Police Department included an explanation on their social media page:

“Officer Michael D’Aresta unfortunately has to make the toughest decision any K9 handler dreads making this evening at Pieper Olson in Middletown at 1830 hours.

K9 Hunter has been ill for that past several days and when tests were conducted they revealed that K9 Hunter has a very aggressive form of Liver cancer. They unfortunately recommended that he be euthanized.

Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an exceptional team serving the City of Middletown in a high caliber since 2007.

So as you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for Mike and his family.”

Officer Hunter FI

According to the city of Middletown’s informative guide on their K9 units, the four-legged officers’ duties entail more than just sniffing out controlled substances on people or in their cars or homes.

In addition, K9 units:

  • Track fleeing suspects or missing persons.
  • Conduct crowd control when necessary.
  • Search for suspects hiding in buildings or in woods.
  • Search and locate evidence.
  • Protect the handler, other officers and citizens.
  • Be a visible deterrent for criminal activity.
  • Conduct public demonstrations.

Yet the K9 officers are more than just another member of the police force, albeit with heightened senses and unique skills, they are also members of the family.

K9 officers live with their handlers, creating an unbreakable bond of trust and respect, and after a K9 retires, continues to live with their handler throughout their sunset years.

That’s why it is so heartbreaking for one such as Hunter to have to be stricken with a terminal disease so soon in life, and his handler having to make the heartbreaking decision to put the suffering animal down.


Source: Fox News

Source: City of Middletown Website

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