Poll: Does Bernie Sanders have A Shot At 2020?

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Bernie Sanders (Wiki Commons)

When it comes to 76-year-old socialists who want to balloon the size of an already bloated federal government, Senator Bernie Sanders is always a favorite.

While it might sometimes be fun to mock those who are hoping for a socialist revolution in the United States, the truth is that such a result is actually a very real possibility.

In 2016, Sanders ran a presidential campaign, defining himself as a democratic socialist. When asked, rather than actually defining the term democratic socialist, Sanders would often regale the questioner with a long list of injustices and instances of unfairness in the country.

More often than not, Sander’s definition of democratic socialism revolves around somebody having more wealth than somebody else. More often than not, his definition of democratic socialism is a vague promise of going after the “greedy ruling class” and giving free stuff to all.

Case in point:

What you will not hear from Bernie Sanders is what exactly the government looks like under his version of democratic socialism. Who has the power? Who makes the decisions? Who controls the wealth?

The Nazis, for example, promised to fix the problem of skyrocketing unemployment. They delivered on their promise, making unemployment almost extinct in Germany, but we all know what happened next.

This is not to say that Bernie Sander’s democratic socialist revolution is going to lead to the national socialism policies of the 20th century, but it is to say that his followers should be just a little bit more curious about how he is going to deliver on his promises.

Communism V Democratic Socialism

In any event, Sanders had a growing number of loyal followers who felt disenfranchised when Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic Party nomination from him. Wikileaks provided information dumps that demonstrated that Hillary and the DNC had conspired to sabotage Sanders so as to prevent him from winning the nomination.

Conventional wisdom would say that a number of potential Democratic voters stayed home on election day, refusing to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton on the basis that her campaign and/or the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the primary nomination.

Another factor that needs to be added into the mix is the surveys that say more than half of Millennials support a socialist form of government over a capitalist government.

Socialism Meme 2

This is why there is concern that Bernie Sanders may just take another stab at the White House in 2020, and could possible emerge victorious.

Let us know what you think of a possible Bernie Sanders run in 2020:

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