Poll: Who Is To Blame For The Parkland School Shooting?

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High School Shooting

As more information surrounding the Parkland school shooting emerges, multiple parties have been quick to shift the blame to others. Within days, Broward Country Sheriff Scott Israel was in front of the cameras and blaming anyone other than himself. In fact, Israel has been patting himself on the back for his “amazing leadership.”

So who is really to blame for the school shooting that took the lives of 17 individuals? Take our poll below to weigh in.


Candidate One: The Guns

Because the guns are always the first to be blamed, we’ll start here. 19-year-old Nicolas Cruz, the alleged gunman, is said to have had an arsenal of guns, ammunition, and knives. In fact, investigators now believe that he had enough ammunition on him on the day of the February 14th massacre that he could have continued his rampage if he had not chosen to try to escape the scene.


Candidate Two: The Shooter

It sounds bizarre, but with this particular school shooting, there has been very little attention focused on the gunman himself. Journalists are so busy advocating for “common-sense” gun control and infringing on the Second Amendment that they are missing the fact that there was an actual person who was responsible for pulling the trigger.


Candidate Three: The Student Body

Though this will likely earn us a pile of hate mail, it still needs to be brought up as a possibility. There have been multiple reports from current and past students and teachers who did not seem surprised that the gunman turned out to be former student Nicholas Cruz. Some have reported that Cruz was bullied during his time at his high-school, and that, just like Columbine, was seeking revenge on the bullies.


Candidate Four: The NRA

Though the NRA was not directly or indirectly responsible for this massacre in any way, shape, or form, gun-control advocates are arguing that the NRA’s defense of the Second Amendment and pro-gun safety message has allowed mass shootings to occur.


Candidate Five: The Media

It’s undeniable that there are millions of today’s youth who are willing to do almost anything to become famous and to “go viral.” From taking selfies on top of skyscrapers to planking on railroad tracks to eating spoonfuls of cinnamon, there’s not much that “kids” today are unwilling to do. Couple that with the fact that the media plasters every shooter’s name and picture all over their papers, websites, and network broadcasts, and you have a recipe for disaster.


Candidate Six: The Failure Of The Government To Act On The Warning Signs

Despite Sheriff Scott Israel’s insistence that his department did nothing wrong, it’s a fact that his department responded to as many as 38 calls to Cruz’s residence due to everything from violence against family members to threats against family members. The FBI is being investigated as well for being unable to follow up on several tips regarding concerns about Cruz.


Candidate Seven: Poor Upbringing

Some are looking to Cruz’s upbringing as the culprit that lead him to do what he did. The argument is that if he had a strong father figure to look up too, things might have turned out differently.


Candidate Eight: A Lack Of God In Schools

Some have pointed out that the Left’s efforts to remove prayer, Bible-reading, and any mention of God in schools has had a direct impact on the morals and values that today’s youths hold.



Take the poll below and let us know what you think the biggest cause is: 


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