Poll: Should We Deport All Illegal Immigrants

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Because Donald Trump was elected to the White House, a question about illegal immigration has become relevant.

Should the United States be deporting ALL illegal aliens, or should there be certain criteria that are met to allow them to be left alone?

To set this up, we have to acknowledge that while there were many hundreds of thousands of illegals sneaking across the border, under the Obama administration, there are still millions of illegals who have made the United States their home for decades prior.

These are people who have, although beginning their new life in America by breaking American laws, chosen to live within the confines of the law thereafter, striving to give their children a better life than they have.

In addition, when we talk about illegal aliens, we must acknowledge that we aren’t just talking about those who have crossed the border illegally.

We must also consider those who have been cleared and granted visas to temporarily work or learn in the United States, but slipped into the shadows when it was time to go back to their country of origin.

There is also the theory that, of the illegal aliens, only those who continue to break the law, while living in America, should be deported.

This would mean that if Bob came from Finland on a visa to work in the United States, but did not leave when his visa expire, and in addition, went on to become a burglar or rapist, that Bob would be deported. However, if his cousin, Ben, overstayed his visa in the same way, but then lived a quiet life, within the law, he should be allowed to stay.

Though the majority of Americans, as well as the majority of legal immigrants, agree that the United States should control its own border, it’s hard to get a consensus on what to do with those who are already here.

Take the poll below, and let us know what you think:




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