Poll: Should Hillary Call It Quits?

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Hillary Quits FI

Since her husband was elected to the White House, in 1992, Hillary Clinton has been a public figure who has remained in the national spotlight for almost thirty years.

The big question right now is whether or not Hillary should hang up her hat and step down from her place of prominence on the national stage. We’ll run through a quick summary of why some are saying she should, and then let us know what you think.



There’s no question that the 2016 election left Hillary feeling a little bitter towards the citizens of the United States. Even before the votes were tallied, she was referring to half of those everyday Americans who supported her political opponent, Donald Trump, as a “basket of deplorables.”

After the election, she refused to tamper down her criticism for those who did not cast votes for her. While in India, on foreign soil, she told an audience that the Americans who voted for Donald Trump were backward-thinking racists who did not want women, blacks, or Indian-Americans to have any rights. She was critical of women who voted for Trump, complaining that they only did so because they are weak and did what their husbands or sons told them to.

Previous to that, Clinton blamed the election results on racism, sexism, the DNC, Russia, fake news, Twitter, Facebook, Barack Obama, James Comey, Anthony Weiner, Wikileaks, and a slew of things other than herself.

After the election, Clinton revealed that she was coping with the results by consuming “her fair share” Chardonnay, performing yoga, and praying.

Whatever excuse she offers for losing, it’s undeniable that she has a bitterness over the results. The 2016 election marks the second time she lost a presidential election to somebody that her political machinery should have rolled right over.

In 2008, she lost the primaries to a junior senator with no executive experience and very little private sector experience. In 2016, she lost the general election to an executive with no political experience.


Lots of Baggage:

The Clinton name brings with it a lot of baggage, and it could be argued that much of it is not good. Though Hillary has positioned herself as a “Champion of Women,” she has a history of belittling and undermining women in vulnerable positions.

Going back to the 70’s Hillary, while she was practicing law, she is captured on audio laughing about the fact that a rapist that she once defended beat a polygraph test. From there, it is less than twenty years later that she was helping to destroy the reputations of the women who were coming forward and accusing her husband of everything from extramarital affairs to flat-out sexual assault. Clinton called the accusation a “vast Right-Wing conspiracy,” but her claim fell flat when the blue dress was discovered.

Putting the false “Champion of Women” claims aside, Hillary must also combat the multiple allegations of unethical and possibly illegal actions that she has been accused of. From destroying 30,000 subpoenaed emails to possibly establishing a pay-for-play scheme while running the State Department, there is no end of claims that Hillary Clinton acted inappropriately while serving in a public capacity.


Her Health

We are no doctors, and we have not examined her, but Hillary Clinton’s health has been a subject of wide spread consideration. During the 2016 election campaign, Hillary would fall into minute-long coughing fits and, at the 9/11 memorial, went into what looked to be a seizure. Secret Service agents looked to have had to bodily push her into the awaiting vehicle.

While in India, Hillary fell again, while coming down a staircase, and reports indicate that she suffered a hairline fracture in her arm after falling in her luxury suite’s bathtub.


There’s other things to consider, but these are the big three. So take our polls and weigh in:


Over For Hillary?


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