POLL: Should Mount Rushmore Faces Be Removed To Appease The Left Or Is This Another Sign The Left Is Deranged?

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Leftists in the United States have made it clear that one of their missions is to erase any part of American history that they find offensive.

This has taken the form of tearing down statues dedicated to Confederate Army military leaders and memorials dedicated to fallen Confederate soldiers.

The idea seems to be that if we erase evidence of the era, where the Democratic Party of the South split the country and fought a war to keep African Americans enslaved, then we can pretend that it never happened.

We might compare this to somebody who visits a hypnotist and asks to have a traumatic childhood experience expunged from their memory.

However, as with all Left-Wing agendas, whenever they start down a path, it soon becomes a slippery slope where the agenda expands and includes ideas that the original Leftists may have or may not have anticipated.

As it currently stands, the Left is calling for the expunge of all things Confederate, but some have also started included the Founding Fathers of America, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. (ie ‘Vice’ Editor: Let’s Get Rid Of Mount Rushmore and CNN’s Angela Rye: Statues of Washington, Jefferson and Lee ‘All Need to Come Down’, Sharpton says Jefferson Memorial should certainly be removed, The Jefferson Statue splashed with red paint at University of Virginia)

Their argument is that because these men participated in a slave-based economy, as the rest of the world was doing during that time period, their achievements, their words, their works and even their memories are somehow flawed and invalid.

As such, Leftists are calling for the removal of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson statues, the renaming of streets named after these men, and even the removal of their faces from Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore FI

It’s the final point that we would like your opinion about.

Should Thomas Jefferson and George Washington be removed from Mount Rushmore to appease the Left? Take the poll below, and let us know:

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