Poll: Have The Parkland Students Worn Out Their Welcome?

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Emma Gonzalez

Emma Gonzalez Speaking At The March For Life (Wiki Commons)

After the deadly Valentine’s Day massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which saw 17 innocents killed and 17 more injured, several students have taken to the national stage to call for more “common-sense” gun control legislation.

Their narratives have been largely echoes of what we would expect out of the Democratic Party playbook, including saying that the Republicans have blood on their hands and the NRA is okay with the death of children as long as they can make money. They have also called for an “assault weapons” ban, though none of them have been able to identify what exactly an assault weapon is.

Two of the most vocal of this group of pro-gun control group are David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez.

Hogg has called for the end of the killing of “the children,” and has blamed the NRA for the mass shooting at his high-school. Though he cannot vote, he has promised that politicians who do not enact “common sense” gun control laws will be voted out of office. As of yet, Hogg has placed very little, if any, blame on the actual shooter. The real culprit, who walked into the school and began opening fire, is the gun itself.

Emma Gonzalez has been photographed with the flag of Communist Cuba worn as a patch on her jacket, which sort of says all you really need to know about her.

The Parkland students have been given free rein to say whatever they want to say, under the guise that they are just mourning and venting their emotions. It’s the age-old Democratic Party tactic of “you do not have the right to criticize me unless you have walked a mile in my shoes.”

For Example, CNN’s Don Lemon has chastised several political pundits for being critical of the Parkland students.

He has dismissed the critical observations of the points that the students are making with, “So what? They’re just kids,” or by suggesting that accommodations need to be made because they are in mourning.

First of all, there’s no way to tell what another person is feeling on the inside, as everyone handles grief a little differently. Some people bury themselves with work to try to not think about a loss they have suffered, some people binge-eat, some people sleep for long periods of time, and some people curl up in a ball an weep uncontrollably. There are an untold number of ways to handle grief.

What is odd about a number of the Parkland student community organizers is that they immediately launched into a nation-wide anti-2nd Amendment campaign (They will say that they are not against the 2nd Amendment, but calling for an assault weapons ban is a direct infringement of the 2nd Amendment, which puts them in the category of being against the 2nd Amendment) after the loss of 17 of their fell schoolmates and teachers. Again, we cannot say what is in their hearts or what they are experiencing, emotionally, but do their actions seem to correlate with somebody who just suffered a major loss and is grieving? The absolute hatred for the NRA and GOP and the venom that is spewing from their mouths seems to belittle the idea that they are mourning.

The question is, how long do we need to allow the Parkland students to mourn? Should they be allowed to continue their anti-GOP and anti-NRA rants indefinitely? Should they be taken off the national stage?

How do you feel about all of this? Take our polls below:

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