Poll: Would You Support A DACA Deal?

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DACA Rally

Pro DACA Rally In San Francisco (Wiki Commons)

One of the hot-button topics in America today is what to do with all of the illegal immigrants that are in the United States already. Some say deport them, some say give them a pathway to citizenship, and some say do nothing unless they commit additional crimes while in the country.

A group that is receiving particular attention is the DACA recipients, otherwise known as “Dreamers.”

These illegal aliens, now in their 20’s and 30’s, were brought to the United States as children by parents who made the decision to thwart American immigration laws.

Barack Obama signed an unconstitutional executive order in 2012 that granted the Dreamers certain rights that are ordinarily reserved for American citizens and legal immigrants, including an exemption from being deported.

We know that the executive order was unconstitutional because Barack Obama himself said that is was on multiple occasions.

Despite Politifact’s ruling that Obama never said DACA was unconstitutional, several news outlets and think tanks have compiled numerous instances, before the signing ceremony, of the former president proclaiming just that.

Obama said that he could not go around Congress, that was not how a Democracy works, he just couldn’t do that, and suggested that to do so would make him a king. In fact, here’s a compilation of the many times that Obama said that he could not, constitutionally, do exactly what he did:

In any event, the bottom line is that DACA was unconstitutional when it was passed, it is unconstitutional now, and with the temporary amnesty for the illegal aliens who qualified for DACA expiring, hundreds of thousands of Dreamers are now at risk of losing their protection from immigration enforcement efforts.

President Trump, during his State Of The Union speech, said that his administration would approve of DACA legislation in exchange for an increased border security force and a border wall. Trump later lambasted Democrats for refusing to help the DACA recipients when he signed the 2018 Omnibus bill into law. Finally, Trump has said that there would be no DACA deal after it was learned that caravans of thousands of illegal immigrants at a time, are making their way from South America, through Mexico, towards the United States’ southern border.

Would you support the president if he were to pass DACA legislation?


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