[POLL] Who Would You Support Between DeSantis And Trump?

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With the 2024 election looming, the big question for Republicans is going to be who their nominee is going to be to run for office.

As things stand, and barring any major developments, there are really only two major contenders with the overwhelming support of the Republican Base.

On the one side, you have billionaire businessman turned President Donald Trump.

On the other side, you have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Each of these two men has been fiercely critical of the fringe radical Left that has been slowly permeating politics, Big Tech, and the culture in general.

The challenge is going to be whether or not the pair can avoid mutually destroying each other in the primaries so as to put up a strong argument against Joe Biden. Sometimes, politics can turn into a mud-slinging situation in which all sides look bad in the end.

What sort of ticket would you support in the 2024 election?

Who would you support in 2024?


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