Poll: Do You Think Trump Should Pick Ted Cruz As A Supreme Court Justice

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With the passing of Antonin Scalia, the strongest Constitutional Conservative viewpoint on the Supreme Court has been silenced, leaving a noticeable emptiness that Donald Trump will have to fill.

One of the names that is being floated around social media, that some people think President Trump should consider, is Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

As a little bit of backstory, Ted Cruz’ father, Rafael Cruz, grew up in Cuba, and participated in the Communist revolution against Cuban President Fulgencio Batista.

He was sold on the glories of Communism, and continued to spread his wonder and excitement about the system of government even after coming to America, on a student visa, to attend the University of Texas.

After two years in America, Rafael made a summer visit back to Cuba, and realized the horrors that the Castro regime had unleashed.

Private property was being seized and nationalized across the island, and dissent was silenced, often times through long sentences in prison or simply through firing squads.

From then on, Rafael became an outspoken critic of Communism, having seen what it can do to a country, and instilled that belief into his son, Ted, at an early age.

In high school, Ted Cruz learned about Milton Friedman and other free-market economic philosophers, and joined a group called the Constitutional Corroborators.

The Constitutional Corroborators actually memorized the United States Constitution, the founding document that some Democratic Congressmen seem to have never even read, based on their actions.

From there, he graduated first in his class, and then went on to Harvard Law School.

After graduating from the Ivy League institution, Cruz worked in private practice before lending his legal expertise to the administration of George W. Bush.

He was then appointed Solicitor General for Texas, and wrote numerous briefs to the Supreme Court as well as successfully argued several high-profile cases before the highest court in the land.

Though he’s a politician, Senator Cruz is often described as principle-based and a strict Constitutionalist.

How would you feel if he was Donald Trump’s next nomination for the Supreme Court?



Source: The Fiscal Times

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