Poll: Who Do You Trust More, Trump Or The Mainstream Media

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According to a survey, conducted by Emerson College, more Americans trust President Donald Trump and his administration than they do the news media.

The poll found that the Trump administration had a trustworthy rating of 49% while the media is trusted by only 39%.

While Conservatives are holding this survey up as a shining example of how trustworthy the Trump administration is as opposed to the media, there are several problems that make this a flawed analysis.

First of all, the way in which the survey was conducted was by automated calls to landlines where a pool of 617 registered voters was generated.

The participants were asked a variety of questions, 19 in all, about everything from who they voted for in the election to what they thought of President Trump’s Cabinet picks.

Those conducting the survey were counting on enough people with landlines who could have their lives interrupted for five to ten minute to finish the survey, and were counting on those polled to be honest with their answers.

It’s possible that Emerson was able to gauge the opinions of registered voters across the country with this poll, but if there is one thing that we learned from the 2016 election, it’s that polls, surveys, and exit-poll data is not always accurate.

After all, Donald Trump was given a 1% chance of victory, at one point during the race, by two fairly large media outlets.

Secondly, this survey does not differentiate between different news networks, nor does it differentiate between the Mainstream Media, alternate news sources through social media, or even Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, which, believe it or not, is a source of information as well.

The subject is entirely too broad to be properly analyzed through 19 automated questions, some of which are just used to identify those who are taking the survey.

To that end, we would like to invite our readers to participate in a survey that may give a more meaningful reading:

Take a couple minutes to answer the poll questions below:



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