As A Reminder To Liberals Trump Did Better With African Americans And Hispanics Than Romney

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For those who are concerned about the potential that President Trump is a racist, don’t forget that he did better among non-white voters in 2016 than Mitt Romney did in 2012.

The Democrats, the Main Stream Media, the Liberal activists, and the Left in general have tried to make the 45th president into the most racist man to have ever walked the Earth.

To them, Donald Trump is as racist as the Democratic Party that fought a Civil War to keep black people in chains. To them, Donald Trump is as racist as the southern Democrats who created the Jim Crow Laws. To them, Donald Trump is as racist as Democratic President Woodrow Wilson, who screened Ku Klux Klan propaganda at the White House.

As examples of his racism, the Left relies heavily on anecdotal evidence and a few discrimination lawsuits against Trump’s companies. Each of the lawsuits were settled without any admission of wrongdoing. This would be sort of like Bill Clinton settling the Paula Jones sexual assault lawsuit for $850,000 without having to admit any wrongdoing and without having to apologize.

The Left-leaning news organization, the Huffington Post, ran an in-depth exposé of the top 13 examples of Trump’s racism, and their very first one to make the list was not an example of racism at all. Islam is not a race, it is a religion, and to list the feud between Democratic political activist Khizr Khan and Donald Trump is just plain lazy.

Number five on their list was the fact that Trump did not condemn white supremacist David Duke for supporting him. It’s funny how it only matters who is endorsing Republicans, and never Democrats. You can bet that the Left did not have a problem with the Communist Party USA leader endorsing Barack Obama in 2008, nor did they demand that he condemn the man.

A few more down and we come to the suggestion that Trump treats racial groups as monoliths, meaning he sees everyone in any group as the same. It’s ironic that the Left, whose entire platform is based off of identity politics, is actually accusing a Republican of doing the same. Their entire last two presidential campaigns could be summed up with, “Vote for Barack Obama because he’s black, and we need to break the racial barriers,” and, “Vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, and we need to break the gender barriers.” In Obama’s case, he brought nothing to the table except “Hope and Change,” which has little substance to it, and Hillary brought, “I’m with her,” and, “Don’t vote for Trump.” Again, very little substance.

The Democratic Party has had a monopoly of breaking people up into categories, and pitting them against each other.

Just look at former Vice-President Joe Biden’s infamous racist statement about immigrants from India:

“…You cannot go into a Seven- Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent…I’m not joking…”


Yet no matter how hard the Left tried to make Donald Trump into the racist, let’s not forget that he did better than Mitt Romney did in 2012 when it came to non-white voters.

According to exit-polling data, from the Pew Research Center, among black voters, Trump had a 7 point marginal lead over Romney, and among Hispanic voters, Trump gained an 8 point marginal lead over Romney.

Pew Research

This data was compiled by exit polls, so there is no guarantee as to how accurate the data actually is, but as it is the best that there is available, it is the information that we are choosing to run with.

The point of all of this, is that no matter how hard the Left tries to paint Donald Trump as the biggest racist to ever walk the Earth, and their evidence is very thin, the Democratic Party has been, and seemingly always will be, much worse. Yet the voting data, assuming that this is not just an election anomaly, is demonstrating that non-white voters are waking up to that fact.

We’ll leave you with another Golden Oldie from Joe Biden, a member of the political party that fought a Civil War to keep blacks enslaved and a political party that put a former KKK recruiter into the Senate for five decades, speaking about Barack Obama:


Source: Pew Research Center

Source: Huffington Post

Source: Washington Post

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