As A Reminder: Mexico Deported Charles Manson in 1960 As An “Undesirable Alien”

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As much as Liberals and Progressives rail against the United States for enforcing its borders and deporting those who are not in the country legally, it’s always fun to point out that America is not the only country to do so.

The Daily Caller has reported on an interesting story dug up by Deborah Silva of The Manson Family Blog about the nation of Mexico deporting an “undesirable alien” back to America.

The alien in question was the infamous Charles Manson, who is currently serving nine concurrent life sentences at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California.

As the story goes, Manson was no stranger to the law, even prior to the time in which he and his cult went on its grisly murder spree.

In 1960 a warrant was issued for Manson’s arrest for Mann Act charges. Manson had aledgedly been operating a prostitution ring from out of his personal residence.

However, when the authorities went to arrest the 25-year-old, he was nowhere to be found.

He later turned up in a couple newspaper in June of 1960 in the Loredo Times.

Apparently, the fugitive had fled to Mexico to evade capture, but Mexico determined him to be an “undesirable alien,” and sent him back north.

Manson was born in November of 1934, so in June of 1960 he would have been 25, but the article maintains that he was 26 at the time.

It reads:

Charles Milles Manson, 26, who is wanted in California on federal charges of having violated the Mann Act, is held in the Webb County jail.

He was expelled from Mexico through Laredo Wednesday as an undesireable alien, and was taken into custody by FBI Agents.

Manson was taken before U.S. Commissioner Frank Y. Hill Wednesday afternoon, and he was vague in answering questions. 

“Sir, I don’t remember too much right now,” he said, and added that he had been “a little confused” for the past several weeks. 

Hill announced that he would set bond at $10,000 and postpone the hearing, pending receipts of the necessary papers from California. 

Manson was indicted by a grand jury on April 27, charged with having transported women from Needles, Calif., to Lordsburg, N.M., for immoral purposes. His case is in Federal Court at Los Angeles.


Loredo Times


Although the Left in the United States would rather not admit it, the United States is not alone in its mission to protect its people from “undesireable aliens.”

Do you suppose they would be marching, blocking traffic, and destroying property if it was Charlie Manson who was being processed for deportation?


Source: The Daily Caller

Source: Manson Blog

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