Republican Congressman To Democrats: “You’re Banning A Class Of Weapon That You Don’t Like The Look Of…”

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Representative Greg Stuebe (R-FL) got into a heated argument with Congressional Democrats who were seeking to issue a ban against what they considered to be “weapons of war.”

Stuebe made the point that the guns that are used in the American military have a feature that allows them to be fired as automatic weapons and are not for sale in the United States.

He then used layman’s terms to explain the difference between the guns used in warfare and the guns that can be purchased by the American people.

Finally, he pointed to an enlarged picture of a semi-automatic rifle and a semi-automatic handgun to make the point that the two have the same functionality.

“You’re banning a class of weapon that you don’t like the look of!”

These are points that the Right has been making for years. The simple misunderstanding about what a semi-automatic weapon is can be all the proof one needs to see that the Left doesn’t understand the issue. In brief, a semi-automatic firearm is one in which the user pulls the trigger, a bullet is fired, and another is loaded automatically into the chamber.

Unless we are talking about a ball and musket, most firearms are going to be classified as semi automatic.

It’s a sad state of affairs that the Democrat Party has been pushing their assault weapon bans, common sense gun control, and weapons of war bans when it seems that none of them have actually done their due diligence and become informed about the issue.

If you were a person who bets, you could probably even make a little coin by betting that most Democrats still think that the letters in “AR-15” stand for “assault rifle” rather than the company that originally designed the weapon.

In fact, it would be unlikely that they could even give you a clear definition of what an “assault weapon” is. If used in an assault, a soup spoon or a butter knife could be defined as assault weapons. The defining characteristics are in the term itself. Is the item in question being used as a weapon? If so, it is a weapon. Is it being used to assault another? If so, it is an assault weapon.

Until the Democrats educate themselves on the issue, they should be no where near a place where they are instituting bans that directly infringe on every law-abiding American’s 2nd Amendment Right. After all, Founding Fathers did not write “shall not be infringed unless someone feels uncomfortable about sharing the country with an armed populace” or “shall not be infringed unless a political party is in need of a campaign issue to rally their base.” Instead, the Founding Fathers finished the Second Amendment with “shall not be infringed” and then ended the sentence with a period.

The Left has consistently, either through ignorance or through intentional motivations, acted as though they do not understand the purpose of the Second Amendment. Joe Biden is famous for his big-brained take on the Second Amendment when he proclaimed a household only needs a double barreled shotgun for home protection. According to then Vice President Biden, you just need to step outside, fire two blasts into the air, and any criminals will go running for the hills.

Never mind the fact that, after emptying both barrels, you are then standing there with an unloaded firearm. Also, never mind the fact that gravity is a force that pulls things towards the Earth. After all, what goes up must come down. So, while Joe Biden is blasting his gun randomly into the night sky, there could very easily be innocent civilians a few blocks away who are getting showerd with a hail of bullets.

Nobody ever accused Joe Biden of being the brightest bulb in the shed.

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