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Russia Slams CNN For Reporting Fake News

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Russia is hitting back against the Left-leaning news organization CNN for airing a “fake news” story about retaliatory actions taken by the Russian government over American sanctions.

The story begins by explaining that the Obama administration had issued sanctions on the foreign country over the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman’s email accounts during the 2016 American presidential elections.

Citing a high-ranking, yet anonymous source within the CIA, as well as reports that claimed, prior to the election, that the United States was vulnerable to foreign hacking, but failed to link the country to the Wikileaks information dumps, the Obama administration justified itself in issuing the sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s government.

CNN cited an anonymous US official as their source to run the story that claimed that Russia had retaliated against the sanctions by closing the Anglo-American School of Moscow.


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova took to social media to call out the CNN story as a lie, and that CNN was helping to spread “fake news.”

The following translation is just a little bit shaky, but you can catch the drift of the message Zakharova was presenting:


“You do not have to write that “Moscow has denied … or Moscow will not …” Write as it is: “The TV channel CNN and other Western media again citing US official sources spread false information.”

The Democrats and Leftist agents in America have partially blamed the presidential victory of Donald Trump on the phenomenon of fake news.

Several outlets, including Google, Twitter, and Facebook have been pressured to crack down on the fake news content that appears on their sites, yet the Left very rarely complains about Main Stream Media networks like CNN.

In just the two months following the election, CNN has been caught running fake news on it’s own networks on multiple occasions.

CNN was caught using video game footage in reports about Russian hacking.

CNN claimed that a local television station had run a half hour of hardcore porn, and promised to get an explanation from the RCN cable operator in Boston as to why the content was run.

It was only later that the network realized that the entire thing was a hoax that originated from a single Tweet from a user who manipulated photos to make it seem as if they were actually screen shots taken from CNN.


CNN also issued an apology after being threatened with a defamation lawsuit when one of their analysts falsely claimed that Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, was a pedophile.


With the Left so adamant about getting rid of “fake news” and sources that peddle it, it might be interesting to see if they will start in their own backyard, and take a look at Liberal news’ flagship, CNN.


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