Serial Rapist Throws Fit Over 77-Year Prison Sentence

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77 years

There’s a an old saying that we’ve all heard before that goes a little something like this:

“If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.”

A serial rapist has learned this lesson the hard way after being sentenced to 77 years behind bars. The court was not moved by his whining and complaining over the number of years that he was about to be locked away for.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, 25-year-old Kaquawn Lane accepted a plea agreement regarding charges stemming from a three-week kidnapping and raping spree that involved at least four victims.

Lane approached at his victims, with a gun in his hand, and ordered them into his vehicle. He would then transport them to another location where he would rape them. In at least one case, he also had his victim go to an ATM and take out money before taking her to a motel to commit the sexual assault.

Lane’s last victim, a girl who was only 16-years-old, was the one who was able to provide the information that led to his apprehension.

After being dumped around the area that she was abducted, investigators say that the quick-thinking girl memorized the licence plate of the vehicle that her kidnapper was driving.

This led the authorities on a city-wide search for the vehicle and its owner, Kaquawn Lane. Lane was arrested, and his DNA sample matched that of the evidence taken from four separate rape incidents that occurred over a three-week period.

Faced with this overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Lane accepted a plea deal, and plead guilty to four counts of rape, four counts of kidnapping, and two gun charges. At his sentencing hearing, the serial rapist issued a statement of apology to the four women who said that he had destroyed their lives.

“I apologize for the damage and hurt that I’ve caused these women. And I just pray and hope that these women can heal from the damage and hurt and things that I’ve caused them.”

Lane was facing the possibility of a maximum sentence of 95 years behind bars.  Instead, the courts ordered him to 72 years in prison, with the judge saying that the sentencing was fair due to the fact that the Lane was not accused of just a single act of kidnapping and rape,

“We’re talking about multiple acts, committed back-to-back over a period of time. So absolutely, absolutely, in looking at everything I have to look at … the court is comfortable that the sentence that was imposed here is an appropriate sentence.”

77 years AI

In addition to serving 72 years in prison, Lane was also told that he would have to sign a document that would register him as a sex offender after he served his prison sentence.

At this point, Lane became belligerent, and the feelings of remorse seemed to evaporate. He told the judge that he would be dying in prison, and therefore he would not sign any such document,

“I got 72 years!” he proclaimed. “What do I need to sign a registry for? I don’t care about the law. F**k the law!”

One of Lane’s victims, who had traveled from out of state to attend the hearing, called Lane a “scumbag” and “a disease to the earth.



Source: The Columbus Dispatch, Image Source: Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

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