Sheriff Grady Judd: “You’d Have To Be From New York To Do Something Like That”

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It’s always a good start to a story when the first words begin with “A Florida man…” You know you are going to be in for a bumpy ride. From stories about people high on bath salts and trying to chew of other people’s faces to stories about people tryin to get alligators drunk to stories about doing cartwheels to avoid the police, the bizarre and often-times comical stories are usually so outrageous that Reddit has even given them their own community.

A pair of home invaders were taken into custody by Polk County police officers after calling 911 and leading officers to their location. Sheriff sheriff Grady Judd, a master in story-telling, explained that the two had been found inside a house that did not belong to them. An emergency call was recorded having come from the house, though the caller did not speak to the dispatcher.

When officers arrived, they found a backdoor open and the two home intruders inside. Apparently, according to them, they had called the emergency line in order to have help moving their stuff back to New York. Sheriff Judd commented,

“You’d have to be from New York to do something like that.” 

The story only gets more bizare because, when the police arrived, they found that one of the suspects was already someone they were on the lookout for. According to Jude, surveillance footage obtained from earlier in the day showed one of the suspects burglarizing a Dollar General. The other was his girlfriend.

After arresting the couple, one confessed to robbing the Dollar General and the other confessed to the home invasion.

While the story itself is entertaining enough, the way that Sheriff Grady Judd tells it is simply a riot:


In all honesty, we need more guys like Sheriff Judd in law enforcement. To prove the point, simply think about this press conference and consider which way you would have preferred having the story reported.

Would you rather have a law enforcement spokesperson get up to the podium and dispassionately recount the facts? They might say, “Today, we apprehended two suspects, one is believed to have been involved with the burglary of a business and the pair of them together were found to have been involved with a home invasion.” Sure, you have all the information you need to understand the case, but where is the flair?

Or would you rather have someone like Sheriff Judd taking us through the events, step by step, and cracking jokes along the way? Maybe we get to see him having a mock conversation being held between the two mug shots in which they lament the fact that they were not arrested in New York, where leniency towards criminals is the rule of law.

Judd is a law enforcement officer first and an entertainer second. His method of giving criminal reports in ways that leave the audience laughing is legendary.

One of our personal favorite quotes from Sheriff Judd happened in 2022 regarding the case of a woman who had a violent outburst towards McDonalds employees when she thought her order was incorrect. Most people would simply take their order to the counter and ask that the mistake be corrected. In this story, the enraged customer went on a rampage, verbally assaulting the employees and walking behind the counter to throw things around. According to Judd,

“She created a McMess and she acted like a McNut.”

You can watch that press conference below:

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