South Park Roasts Meghan And Harry In The Most Hilarious Way

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been the subject matter of numerous water-cooler and lunch room conversations, but it seems that nobody could have effectively skewered the pair more than Trey Parker and Matt Stone did during the episode of South Park entitled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour.”

In this episode, Meghan and Harry are portrayed as Canadians who jet around the world in an attempt to get some privacy and to get people to stop noticing them where ever they go. While shouting loudly at the natives of the places they visit and carrying signs that read “Stop looking at us” and “We want our privacy,” the royal couple continuously demand that people stop noticing them.



The episode could have stopped there, joke delivered, but the assault continued as the South Park creators came up with another layer of the couple for the episode to focus in on. Keep in mind that Meghan Markle basically went from a suitcase model on a game show to a D-list actress in Suits to hooking herself a prince and living the life of unimaginable luxury. She is a woman who could want for nothing and gets to forever live the life of privilege. Prince Harry has been a member of the royal family his entire life. It should go without saying that being a member of the royals affords one a certain bit of luxurious and extravagant living as well.

Neither of them are going to have to worry about Bidenflation and whether or not they are going to be able to put food on the table. In truth, the only real challenges either of them will face are those that they inflict upon themselves. Meghan spent years accusing the royal family of racism and telling the world about how much of a victim she is. Prince Harry has spent that same time unable to understand why the press just won’t leave him alone as he releases books about himself, documentaries about himself, and gives interviews about himself.

South Park AI

Which brings us to the additional layer of the mockery. Within the episode is a South Park based branding company that focuses on giving new looks to their clients. The joke is that each of the new looks contains the phrase “victim” at the end. No matter whether the person is hoping to create an image of a soft intellectual or a hardened jock, the important thing is that the client also claims to be a victim.

This is why this episode is so glorious. No matter how amazing a life Harry and Meghan are living, no matter how much luxury they are surrounded by, they will always think of themselves as the victim in any situation.


The episode also goes on to give a good demonstration about how people generally react to the royal couple. Either they are completely disinterested in the antics of the attention-seeking duo who just want their privacy, or they find themselves constantly outraged by the pair and become an annoyance to those around them.

The lesson learned from watching this episode is that we would all be better off if we simply stopped paying attention to Meghan and Harry.

Image Source: Video Screen Grab / South Park

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