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Statue Honoring American Hero Pat Tillman Unveiled At Arizona State

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Arizona State has unveiled a statue of an American hero that gave up immense wealth and fame to serve his country.

A bronze likeness of former Arizona Sun Devil Pat Tillman now stands at the north end of Arizona State’s stadium, where Tillman played for three years.

Tillman Satue

If you are unfamiliar with the story of Pat Tillman, it’s pretty incredible, and one that future generations should familiarize themselves with because it’s a story about courage, honor, passion, and an unquestioned love of country.

After Tillman’s college football career, he was drafted to play safety for the Arizona Cardinals, and played several seasons.

Via the Pat Tillman Foundation:

“He still drove to games in the same beat up truck he had in college. He had no cell-phone. Instead he chose to read voraciously and develop, debate, and discuss his ideas with eager listeners, family and friends.

He made your passion his passion. In the off-season he challenged himself physically with marathons and half-Ironman triathlons while pursuing a Master’s degree in history from his alma mater.

He volunteered with Boys and Girls Clubs, the March of Dimes, and read and talked to students in schools across the Phoenix Valley.”

After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, Tillman told a reporter,

“At times like this you stop and think about just how good we have it, what kind of system we live in, and the freedoms we are allowed. A lot of my family has gone and fought in wars and I really haven’t done a damn thing.”

During this time period, there were dramatic changes in Tillman’s personal life. The young man had gotten married, and the Arizona Cardinals offered him a lucrative multi-million dollar, three-year contract for him to stay on and play for them.

However, Tillman felt a higher calling to join the military and serve his country to combat evil in the world.

He and his brother, Kevin, joined the US Army, and were eventually deployed to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Tillman fell in the line of duty, and although initial reports maintained that the American hero had died as a result of enemy fire, later investigations determined that it was, in reality, friendly fire.

Tillman was honored with several military awards, posthumously, including the Silver Star and the Purple Heart.

According to Fox News, Kevin Tillman provided a statement about his brother during the dedication ceremony,

“Pat spent his whole life trying to be the best person he could possibly be. He didn’t focus on money, he didn’t focus on fame, he didn’t focus on a pretty statue.

It was, ‘How can I make myself a better person in all these different facets of my life?’ And ASU gave him an opportunity to do that.”

Pat Tillman was and will always be remembered as an all-American hero. Please pass this on to keep his memory alive.


Source: Fox News

Source: The Pat Tillman Foundation 

Image Source: Arizona Sports

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