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Student Shares Yale Med School Acceptance On Facebook And Is Shamed For “White Privilege”

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A Facebook post in which a Yale medical student was white-privilege shamed for working hard and being accepted into the prestigious school has since gone viral.

The conversation thread, originally reported by the Daily Mail, began with an unidentified woman, excitedly expressing her appreciation for those who supported her during the years of hard work that led her to being accepted to Yale.

“Thank you everyone for all your support!! I’m so happy to say after years of hard work I have been accepted into Yale med school!!!”

It was a mere four minutes later that another user, identified in the report as a “friend” named Melissa, suggested that the Yale admission was a result of white privilege.

“Good job, might I add a shout out to your white privilege for you.”

The future doctor asked if Melissa had to insert her opinion into everything, to which the Social Justice Warrior responded,

“Just saying, you came from a white privileged background. You make it seem like you did all of the yourself, but I’m just keeping it real to give a nod to your privilege.”


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The future Yale student responded with,

“Melissa, I grew up in a foster home. Both my parents were alcoholics and gave me up when I was five. 

I had to take care of my brother for two years until we got adopted and even then we were both abused by that family and had to go back into the orphanage for another two years.”

She continued, by saying that she had lived her life, focused and dedicated, down a pathway that would get her to where she wanted to be,

“After 8 years of late nights, study groups, no dating, no partying, weekend studying, working, and applying to scholarship and loans, I finally got accepted in to my top choice.” 

Melissa’s response:

“Umm okay sweetie, you claim to understand privilege but you can’t even self critique buh bye.”



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The background of this conversation is relatively unknown, and we cannot even say for certain whether or not Melissa was merely a troll looking to get a reaction on the Internet or even if it happened within the last few years. The only thing we can say is that it has gone viral since its original posting.

White privilege is one of those Liberal buzz words that is used for several purposes.

On the one hand, it devalues any and all accomplishments of white people on the basis that, at one time in American history, there was a small segment of the population that owned slaves. To Social Justice Warriors, white people should feel guilty about their successes in life because, more than a hundred years ago, there lived other white people who owned slaves.

On the other hand, white privilege serves to victimize all non-white Americans, and provides an excuse for somebody not being able to “make it” in America. The idea is that the road from slavery was a long and difficult process that took many years for members of the black community to be considered to be on an equal footing with their non-white peers.

Unfortunately, what the Social Justice Warriors pushing white privilege are only serving to accomplish is a sort of reverse racism in which the accomplishments and success of white people are valued to be much less or even insignificant when compared to the accomplishments and success of non-white Americans.

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The best way to put a stop to white privilege is for the Left to stop judging people based on their skin color rather than on their character or accomplishments.


Source: The Daily Mail

Source: Fox News

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