Texas Governor Discusses Bill That Would Penalize Sanctuary Cities

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott took some time out of his busy schedule to appear on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures where he discussed his plans of action to crackdown on the sanctuary jurisdictions that were operating in the state.

One district, in particular, that has made national headlines is Travis County, where the newly elected Sheriff, Sally Hernandez, announced that she would be ignoring the federal laws that required her department to notify and/or turn apprehended illegal immigrants over to immigration enforcement officials.

Abbott explained that one of the ways in which the state is going to get jurisdictions like Travis County to comply was to eliminate state grants until they do so.

“The state of Texas has grant contracts with Travis County. In those contracts, we put in there the term that in order for them to receive their grant money, they had to not have any type of sanctuary city policies.” 

Governor Abbott also discussed additional steps that the state legislature has taken to eliminate sanctuary cities.

One such measure is a steep penalty that would fine sanctuary cities as much as $25,000 per day, as long as they wish to continue ignoring federal laws.

Another example is criminal charges and possibly jail time for any sheriff or official who wishes to adopt a sanctuary city policy in their jurisdiction.

The bill also holds the cities or counties accountable who releases illegal immigrants back onto the streets who then go on to do harm to others.

This would apply to cases like, Abbott pointed out, Kate Steinle, who was murdered in San Francisco by a multiple-time deported illegal immigrant, with a laundry list of criminal convictions in his background, who was released back onto the streets due to the city’s sanctuary city policies.

The Texan governor admitted that he was unsure whether or not these new policies would be overlapping efforts from the Trump administration to crack down on sanctuary cities, but maintained that they were necessary.

Watch the interview below, and let us know what you think about these proposals.




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