Do You Think The White House Correspondents Dinner Should Continue?

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For those that are unaware, the White House Correspondence Dinner was enacted during the administration of one of the earliest major Progressive presidents, Woodrow Wilson.

The purpose of the evening was for members of the press to hob-nob with the creatures of Washington in a sort of lighthearted meet-and-greet atmosphere.

Traditionally, the host of the evening pokes fun at the ruling party, and members of the event include politicians, media personalities, musicians, and Hollywood actors and actresses.

Some believe that it has become a sort of who’s who of the country in which attendees want to attend for the sake of being seen.

In any event, President Donald Trump has elected not to attend for the second year in a row, and the jokes ranged from awful to downright mean.

Host Michelle Wolf opened her monologue with references to porn star Stormy Daniels, and it got much worse from there.

Using her annoying, nasally voice, Wolf went from jokes about pedophiles to comments about Russian collusion.

Keep in mind, this is after the Russian collusion narrative has been virtually debunked. It was the DNC and Hillary Campaign money that was funneled through a law firm (supposedly so that attorney-client privilege would prevent anyone from tracing the money to the source) to an opposition research company called Fusion GPS. Fusion then hired former British intelligence agent, Michael Steele, who then paid money to Russian agents for incriminating information about Donald Trump that would go on to form the basis of the “intelligence document” that was used, by the Obama administration, to secure a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign members.

There is much more evidence of the Democrats colluding with the Russians to influence an American election than Donald Trump, but let’s not get caught up in the details.

The Wolf monologue continued for 17 long minutes, and many of the jokes seemingly fell flat. If not, then the microphones were having a tough time picking up the laughter of the audience.

But the overall question is, “Why do we have this event in the first place?”

Do we really want our media, the unofficial fourth branch of our government, to become friendly with the politicians that they are supposed to reporting the truth about?

Tell us what you think. Take the poll below:

White House Correspondence Dinner

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