TikToker Has Absolute Melt Down At Gym Over A Guy Asking If She Needs Help

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A social media “influencer” had an absolute melt down at a gym after a man glanced in her direction, not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times over the course of a few minutes. All this while she was mumbling to herself, looking panicked, and struggling to change a weight.

Twenty to thirty years ago, friends and family members would respectfully sift through photos that you hand them of the trip you took to Greece or Ireland or to some Caribbean Island. Maybe you didn’t even leave the country and you went and saw the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota and wanted to impress your loved ones about how cultured you were. They would politely “oooh” and “aaaah” when appropriate, the photos would eventually be put away, coffee would be served, and life would move on.

Around a little over a decade ago, when social media took off, people learned that they could share their photographs, ideas, and experiences with the rest of the world. EVERYBODY was going to be interested in that plate of lasagna you had last night. Someone in Kazakhstan is certainly interested in a cute video of your cat drinking milk.

From there, it was a downward spiral to the point where we are now. TikTok, the Chinese-owned spyware, allows for anyone to walk around with a camera attached to their body to show the world every event in their life. Want to lip sync a BeeGees song? Want to dress up like a human-cat-hybrid and dance? Want to do an entire account of staged pranks? Want to record yourself ordering from a drive thru? TikTok has got you covered. We now live in a world where millions upon millions of kids think they are the most fascinating people alive and want the rest of the world to know it. Some have referred to this phenomenon of thinking the entire world revolves around you as Main-Player Syndrome.

Jessica Fernandez seems to be one of those people. Fernandez is a TikTok fitness influencer and gamer girl with an obsession with pomegranates. She also has a Fanhouse where anyone can see her dressed up in skimpy outfits, but don’t you dare objectify or sexualize her. In fact, don’t even glance in her direction or she will absolutely freak out and try to shame you online.

In the video she uploaded to the Internet, Fernandez is wearing a skimpy gym outfit and massive headphones. She is mumbling to herself, repeating the word ‘feral’ over and over as she stares at a man behind her who has the audacity to occasionally glance in her direction. In fact, not only does he glance in her direction, while she has a camera pointed at him and is staring at him through the mirrors, but he seemingly has no shame as he offers to hand her a weight to help her out. She goes on to call him the weirdo in this situation.

Just imagine, for a second, if the shoe was on the other foot. Imagine if there was a guy at a gym who brought in a video recorder which was aimed at a woman working out behind him. He attaches it to his shirt and continuously mumbles to himself as he stares hard at the woman who is just trying to work out. Imagine if that woman had come over, while the man was struggling to apply a weight to the bar, to offer her help. The man would likely either accept the help or not and then thank the woman for offering, as Fernandez did, but then would not go on to post the video online in an effort to shame the woman online and try to portray them as some sort of sexual predator.

Though the video has since been taken down, Matt Walsh and Candice Owens both have breakdowns of the incident. As they say, be careful what you post to the Internet is there forever. You can check them out below:




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