Trump’s DHS Goes After Congress For Undermining Immigration Laws That Were Passed In Congress

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Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly had some strong words for Congress, whose members have been critical of DHS employees enforcing immigration laws.

“DHS does not make the laws. Congress does, and we will enforce the laws that are passed by Congress, and I am offended when members of this institution [the House of Representatives] exert pressure and often threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and I am sworn to uphold.”

Since announcing that he would be running for president, during the Summer of 2015, Donald Trump has made the enforcement of the United States’ borders and the cracking down on illegal immigration  a cornerstone issue.

After taking office, Trump immediately issued several executive orders that would make it clear that his administration would be making the going after criminal illegal immigrants a priority.


Whereas the previous administration devoted national resources to providing for the defense of criminal illegal aliens, ignored sanctuary jurisdictions that thwarted federal laws, and instituted “catch-and-release” policies that would allow illegal aliens to be placed right back into American society, the Trump administration has made it clear that it will be an administration that reinstates the rule of law.

Though Secretary Kelly did not mention any congressional leaders by name, there have been multiple examples of Democratic Party congressmen who have openly supported sanctuary city policies, and who have been critical of the president’s threats of cutting off federal funding to jurisdictions that enact sanctuary city policies.

Secretary Kelly’s point is that the Trump administration is only guilty of enforcing the laws that were passed by Congress, and that if congressional leaders had a problem with that, they could take actions to change the laws.

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Source: Breitbart

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