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Trump’s Son Blasts Kathy Griffin’s Feeble Attempt To Play The Victim Card

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Comedian Kathy Griffin’s career is arguably over, and according to her, this is all Donald Trump and his family’s fault.

Donald Trump Jr, though, has a different take on the situation, and maintains that it’s not the result of any actions that a member of the Trump administration or the Trump family have taken, but instead by her the comedian’s own hand.

Griffin allowed herself to participate in a photo-shoot in which she was wielding a bloodied mask of Donald Trump, creating the illusion that she had just taken part in a radical Islamic terrorist ritual in which the president of the United States was the victim.

Rather than apologizing to Donald Trump or his family, Griffin instead published a short video in which she apologized for a joke that went “too far.”

She then held a press conference in which she claimed that the Trumps were trying to destroy her career and that Donald Trump himself was bullying her.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to destroy her claim:

“The only thing #KathyGriffin is a victim of is her own ignorance. 24 hours from fake apology to victim status is impressive by any standard!”

Donald Trump Jr Tweet

Trump Jr. later joined the cast of Good Morning America to make the point that his family had, although they were extremely disgusted by Griffin’s photo-shoot, done nothing except behave in a measured manner.

“They saw my father’s response. They saw the first lady’s response about her son and how it affected him. They saw my response. I don’t think we’ve ever been so measured, perhaps, on a relative basis.” 

Some on the Left have claimed that Griffin is a comedian, and that she was just making a joke, and that she was just making a joke.

However, let’s remember the standard that the Left set up back in 2013. That was the year that a rodeo clown donned a mask of then-President Barack Obama during his performance in the Missouri State Fair.

The reaction was that “the joke” was insensitive, cruel, and disgusting, and the particular rodeo clown was forced to apologize and was forever barred from performing at the Missouri State Fair.

In addition, all officials and subcontractors of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association were required to attend and complete sensitivity training.

Griffin’g holding up a bloodied “decapitated” mask of Donald Trump seems far more insensitive and disgusting than a rodeo clown using an Obama mask for its intended purpose, which is to wear it over the head, and running and jumping around a rodeo arena.

Though we should probably not be holding our breath, shouldn’t we be expecting that Kathy Griffin, as well as every other comedian, will soon be forced to attend sensitivity training, and have it explained to them that jokes about assassinating the President of the United States are not allowed?

After all, that was the price that the Left demanded in 2013 when a comedic rodeo clown dared to use an Obama mask to make “a joke” about the former community organizer.


Source: Independent Journal Review

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