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Two Major Takeaways From The Florida Recount That Should Have Republicans Alarmed

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Over this past weekend, while Broward County officials were “discovering” piles of ballots that favored Democratic candidates and dragging their feet in announcing how many total ballots were cast, an event happened that should leave Republicans terrified about the future of the Republic (Yes, the United States is a Democratic Republic and not a Democracy).

At a hearing before the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board, lawyers for Floridian Democrat candidates Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson simultaneously issued objections when a non-citizen vote was presented and determined that it would not be counted.

For those who are not clear about what that means, a non-citizen is not legally permitted to participate in the American election process because… they are not citizens of the United States.

The event was made public after Fox News and The Daily Caller obtained and printed partial transcripts of the the proceedings.

The Nelson campaign has since distanced itself from the objection, but this speaks to the heart of why Democrats are constantly taking a pro-illegal immigration stance while, at the same time, fighting so fiercely against voter identification laws.

Their pro-illegal immigration position has nothing to do with multiculturalism and it has nothing to do with compassion for those who are merely seeking a better life.

Democrats support illegal immigration and the transplanting of non-citizens across the nation because they are hoping that, one day, in instances where political races are close, illegal aliens will be able to swing the elections in their favor.

Secondly, the Democrat Party fights voter identification laws, that would require voters to prove that they are legally eligible to vote, because they know that without those, non-citizens will have an easier time participating in elections. On top of that, Leftists can even try voting multiple times. A common saying in Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown, is “vote early and vote often.”

If someone is not eligible to vote outright, if they are discovered to have previously voted, or are registered to vote in another district, they will be able to fill out provisional ballots that will be examined in instances when the races are too tight to call.

Conservatives have known about this threat to the integrity of the election process for years, but many have stayed silent on the issue of illegal immigration and voter identification for fear of being called a racist.

The second takeaway from the Palm Beach County Canvassing Board event is that the Democrats’ objection to the non-citizen vote being discarded was overruled by the Board: two-to-one.

When we say “two-to-one,” that means that somebody on the panel determined that it was okay for non-citizens to participate in the American electoral process. That is shocking.

This should be frightening, not only to the Republicans, but to all Americans and legal immigrants across the nation.

The Left has worked hard to infiltrate every every level of the ruling class, from school boards to election boards, from court positions to law enforcement, and from state lawmakers to federal lawmakers. These activists, who put party and politics above the rule of law, are a danger to the very fabric of the United States.

There should never be a two-to-one margin when it comes to determining whether or not non-citizens should vote. However, when we are talking about a county that is run by Democrats, is anyone really surprised?

Source: Fox News, The Daily Caller

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