Two Shocking Videos That Won’t Get Much Coverage From The Mainstream Media

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Michael Knowles looks at two pretty interesting videos. The first is a crowd of protesters shouting death to America. Knowles notes its not an event of one or two people. It’s a fairly large gathering. It’s also interesting that in some democrat controlled cities protesters can gather in large groups, not socially distancing, and shout things like death to America. But people are barred from attending church.

In another a young black man walks behind a white guy and seemingly punches him in the head knocking him down. The video is later posted along with comments from someone named traysavage saying #whitelivesdonotmatter #blacklivesmatter.

Michael notes if the races were reversed this would be front page national news.

Lastly there is the case of the auto zone employee who decided to go out and stab white people one day. After he stabbed a white person he told police he decided to stab a white person because he was upset about police brutality.

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