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Update On Katy Texas Superintendent Who Was Accused Of Viciously Bullying Former Classmate

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Katy, TX Businessman Greg Barret (Left) and Superintendent Lance Hindt (Youtube)

Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt has responded to the decades-old allegegations of viciously bullying a former middle school classmate, not only denying the claims, but also denying that he ever knew his accuser.

If you are unfamiliar with the story, it is pretty amazing.

At a public forum that was geared towards how to deal with bullying in the school district, resident Greg Barret took the microphone and told the school board how he had been “severely bullied” as a child.

“I had teachers that bullied me. I had kids that bullied me. I had nobody to turn to.”

Barret explains that his former name was Greg Gay, but that he had it legally changed at a later point in life, after repeatedly being bullied in school.

He recounts a specific incident, in 1983, in which he was taken out of the lunchroom and forced into the boys’ bathroom. It was there that his face was shoved in the urinal, his lip was cut, and his tormentors repeatedly kicked him while he was down.

Barret said that he remained in the fetal position for a time, covered in urine, before getting up and washing off his face. From there, he walked to the principal’s office and told what happened.

He said that the principal merely told him that his bullies would not always be the way that they are and that they would one day grow up and be very different people. He was then sent home.

“I went home and got the .45 out of my father’s drawer and put it in my mouth. At this point, I had nobody in the school system to help me.”

He retorically asks if that is the way that things are going to be in the Katy Texas school system in terms of bullying.

Barret then points at Lance Hindt and accuses the superintendent of being the one who shoved his face in the urinal.

Hindt’s reaction is to laugh at the resident who beared his soul to the world and says,

“Wanna debate it? Because I have witnesses who were there when it happened…”

In other words, Lance is essentially saying that the events did happen and that he personally knows people who were there at the date and time that Barret was attacked.

The room was virtually empty, aside from the school board, but the recorded exchange was uploaded to the Internet before quickly going viral:

Hindt’s reaction of dismissive laughter at Barret lead to outrage from millions across the nation, who demanded that the superindendent lose his job or at least answer for what he is accused of having done.

The next day, Hindt released a follow-up statement, as reported by Fox News, in which he apologized to the city of Katy, Texas for the negative publicity he had caused. He did not acknowledge the pain and suffering that Greg Barret had been holding for decades and he did not have an apology for the man who says that Hindt’s actions caused him to contemplate suicide.

Instead, Hindt brushed aside criticism by saying,

“Ultimately, I will be judged by one person and that is God my Lord and Savior.”

Hindt claimed that his reaction to Barret’s claims, which was smirking and laughter, was not out of insensitivity, but out of shock.

Katie school district board members cheered their superintendent, and have stated that they fully support him. Others in the community have rallied around the superintendent to show their support.

Hindt later claimed that he never even knew Greg Barret (then Greg Gay).

This claim has been countered by several individuals, including an Alabama judge, who claimed to have attended the same school at the same time as Hindt and Gay. Judge David Carpenter of Alabama’s 10th district says that Hindt was a “vicious bully” who repeatedly bragged about beating up other individuals including a police officer. In sports, when Hindt was angry, said Judge Carpenter, he would throw 25 lb weights at his teammates.

Another former student told the Houston Chronicle that he walked into the bathroom when Barret was lying under the urinal with Hindt walking away, but quickly backed out so-as not to become involved. The man said that he has since apologized to Barret for not doing more to stop the bullying.

Another man, now in his 80’s, says that he was the victim of a severe beating at the hands of Hindt that left him on the brink of death and in a five-day coma.

“They told my wife there’s a 90 percent chance I wouldn’t come out of that coma…”

The man says that he merely told Hindt to slow down as the then-eighteen-year-old was speeding through his neighborhood. Fox-26 is reporting that they have a copy of the lawsuit that lead to a five-figure settlement against Hindt.

Hindt has denied everything. He claims that he was not the one who attacked Barret and that he never even knew the former classmate. He says that he was a brand new student to the school.

“I was only in the building with this individual for less than four months.”

What’s interesting is that Hindt says he never knew Barrett, however, if you recall, his first reaction at the school board meeting was to say,

“Wanna debate it? Because I have witnesses who were there when it happened…”

In other words, Hindt is saying, both, that he knows the incident that Barret is referring to, he personally knows people who were there at the time that it happened, but that he never knew or met Barret.

The worst part of all of this is that, if everything that Barret is saying is true, then Lance Hindt has not really changed from the bully he is accused of being as a teenager. He is just bullying others in a different way by embarrassing them and calling them liars when they bear their souls to the world.

Hindt could have easily have said something along the lines of, “I’m sorry Greg. I was very immature at the time, but I am also no longer that person. I have changed. But it is that experience that has shown me how important it is that we take steps to prevent future students from going through what I put you through…”

Instead, we have a superintendent who is essentially calling everyone else a liar, including an Alabama judge, and trying to weasel his way out of taking any responsibility for his actions.

Fun fact: Lance Hindt has only been running the Katy ISD since 2016 and currently making a $375,000 base salary. He is one of the highest, if not the highest, paid superintendents in Texas.

Tell us what you think about this entire situation.

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