[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Protesters Shut Down Highway, Delay Ambulance With Critically Ill Patient

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More than 100 anti-Trump protesters took to the streets, blocking traffic, and delaying an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient as it was rushing to the hospital.

It happened on Route 34 in New Haven, Connecticut, and as a result of the delay, the EMT’s were forced to perform an emergency procedure on their patient.

The marchers were chanting protests to President Trump’s executive order that issued a temporary travel ban on seven problem-countries with known terrorist hotbeds so as to give the country a chance to strengthen the vetting process.

The vetting process was deemed flawed by the both directors of the CIA and the FBI during the Obama administration.

The second thing the protesters were marching about was to stop President Trump from making good on his promise to build a wall along the southern border.

The Left seems to thing that the enforcement of a country’s immigration laws or the securing of a nation’s borders is somehow racist.

Several protesters wore bandannas and ski-masks to the event, a choice that has, in the past, been associated with the more violent and extreme Leftist protests, which eventually devolved into full-blown riots.

Anti Trump March Newhaven 2

Officers responded to the New Haven march wearing riot gear, and ordered the marchers to disperse.

The alleged instigater and ringleader of the march was identified by authorities, and 67-year-old Norman Clement led police on a foot-chase, knocking protesters aside as he fled, before he was ultimately apprehended.

Norman Clement

According to reports, Clement refused to cooperate while officers were trying to make the arrest, and was subsequently pepper sprayed. He was released on $5,000 bail.

No word on the condition of the critically ill patient that was delayed getting to the hospital, but this is just another example of Leftist community organizers trying to disrupt their surroundings because they are unhappy that the country is moving in a direction that doesn’t fit in with their views of how everything should be.

Some might equate this intolerance, and the use of force on those who disagree, with fascism.

Watch the video below, and tell us what you think?

Caution: Video Contains Salty Language. Viewer Discretion Advised:


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