[VIDEO]: Antifa Assaults Black Conservative Student Who Attended Vigil Because He Wanted To Show Solidarity Against Nazi’s

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A member of the radical Left-wing organization Antifa, which is short for Anti-Fascist, assaulted and booted a black student out of a vigil held in remembrance of a young woman who was killed when she was struck by a car during the Charlottesville riots.

Caleb Slater, the head of the Republican Chapter at Ithica College, said that he attended the vigil, which was hosted by the Syracuse Black Lives Matter group, to promote unity and to show that, despite ideological differences, the Left can get along with the Right.

Via Young Americans Foundation,

“I knew that I would encounter socialists and progressives, people I would normally have fundamental disagreements with, but was hoping that we could at least come together and agree that the actions in Charlottesville on Saturday were vile.

The values of the alt-right are inconsistent with the values of the Western World and toxic to the culture. I was hoping that I could come to terms with people of all backgrounds and mourn the loss of life on US soil.”

Caleb’s efforts to extend a hand in peace to the other side failed, however, as a member of the ironically named Antifa noticed that he was wearing a Young Americans Foundation hat.

He explained that he wore the hat to demonstrate that those on the Right condemned the violence in Charlottesville just as much as the Left who were gathered at the vigil.

The member of Antifa apparently noticed the hat, and quickly held up and directed a middle finger in that direction.

Then, according to Caleb, the Antifa soldier began getting the attention of fellow Leftists to point out that a young Conservative was in their midst, much like the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan would react if they noticed that a Jew or a black man was quietly and peacefully attending one of their rallies.

Another member of the ironically named Antifa group, dressed in black and with their face completely covered to hide their identity, demanded to know why he was wearing the Young Americans Foundation hat.

“I simply responded by informing them that I meant no harm and was peacefully assembling. She then proceeded to yell loudly, ‘We don’t want you here.'”

Caleb says that, at this point, he was unsure of what was going to happen next, and turned on his camera as the Leftists closed in.

One individual tried grabbing the young Conservative’s camera while another snatched his hat and threw it away.

The young man clung to his camera, but was getting choked by his camera strap as another Leftists grabbed him by his shirt and physically dragged him out of the event and threw him unto a street that was not blocked off.

To put this into perspective, these Leftists were at a vigil for Heather Heyer, who was struck by a car during a riot war between two groups with radicalized ideologies, and they had just thrown an American citizen, who had used his Constitutionally protected right to peaceably assemble, onto a street where he could have been struck by a car.

Caleb stated that, while he was being physically tossed out of the event by masked Leftists, the crowd was chanting,

“No Trump, No KKK, Nazi go away.” 

However, nobody thought to step in and stop the violence.

After the event, Caleb said that representatives of the Syracuse Black Lives Matter spoke with him, and apologized for the behavior of the Antifa members who attended the vigil, but cautioned Caleb that he should consider not wearing any apparel that many consider to be “radical.”

In other words, dressing in black and wearing sunglasses and what looks to be a ski mask (as the Antifa member in the video appears to be doing) is not the apparel of the “radicals,” but wearing a hat that says Young American Foundations is. Welcome to the America that has been fundamentally changed by a former community organizer, folks.

Caleb closed his explanation of the events with a warning about the growing threat of the terrorist Left-wing organization, Antifa,

“The domestic terrorism from antifa towards conservatives in this country must come to an end. Many conservative students before me have faced the dangers of antifa’s fascist tactics at universities such as: UB, University of Wisconsin Madison and Berkeley.

Antifa has grown to the length where a conservative student can’t even mourn the loss of US life without the fear of being terrorised.”

You can watch a portion of the events that transpired in the video below. Caleb explained that the video is so short because, as the masked Antifa Leftists were trying to steal his camera, one of them inadvertently pressed the button that caused the camera to stop recording.

Source: Young Americans Foundation

Source: The Washington Times

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