[VIDEO] On Carlson’s Show Richard Dreyfuss Laid Down Exactly What Is Wrong With The Anti-Free Speech Schools In America Today

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Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the checks and balance system in the federal government, and wound up talking about the speakers that were getting shut down on college campuses.

Across the country, Conservatives and Republicans are being invited as guests to speak on college campuses, but a radicalized element of the Left is marching, protesting, and attempting to shut down any such scheduled events.

Dreyfuss was clear in his disagreement over such actions,

“I think that any intrusion into freedom of speech is an intrusion into freedom of speech.” 

He went on to say that he had recently heard a professor claim that colleges were not a battlefield, and adamantly disagreed with that statement. He said that, instead, colleges are a battlefield of ideas, and that dissenting opinions and ideas are necessary on college campuses.

The star of Jaws and What About Bob called what was going on,

“…Political correctness taken to a nightmarish point of view.” 

Dreyfuss disagreed with the Trump administration decision to withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities, explaining that it was the Legislative Branch’s responsibility to give or take away federal funds.

Carlson responded by pointing out that the Obama administration did that very same thing when they threatened to take away federal funds to states who disagreed with the Left’s trans-gender bathroom position.

Dreyfuss asked to “beg off” from this part of the discussion on the basis that he had withdrawn from partisan politics. Instead, explained the actor, he was a Constitutionalist, and believed that the the country would be better served if its population was more informed about what’s in the founding documents.

The entire discussion was absolutely fascinating, and unlike some of his fellow actors and actresses in Hollywood, who blame Donald Trump when they gain weight from stuffing themselves full of pancakes, Richard Dreyfuss demonstrated that he was an extremely intelligent individual who is capable of critical thinking and analysis.

Watch the interview below:


Source: Western Journalism 

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