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[VIDEO] Filmmakers Waves US And ISIS Flag On Berkeley Campus To See The Student Reaction

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These days, there’s very little that those on the Left or the Right of the political spectrum can find that they can agree with.

The nation cannot even agree on the fact that Communism and Socialism are bad ideas, as supported by the Communism Memorial Foundation’s survey that found a majority of Millennials are in favor of replacing Capitalism with a fascist form of government.

Renown Filmmaker Ami Horowitz attempted to find some common ground with young Liberals located in the heart of Leftist territory: Berkeley, California.

Horowitz gave students the opportunity to react to two different flags.

The first was the American Flag, which he proudly waved while making pro-American comments.

Several students lobbed obscenities at the filmmaker or flipped him the bird, while one pointed out that America was imperialistic and oppressive. One passing individual noticed that Horowitz was wearing a Star of David, and made an anti-Semitic remark.

Keep in mind that these Millennials, with their bumper sticker anti-American, anti-Capitalism, and anti-Jewish slogans, have the freedom to attend a major university and speak openly against the nation in which they reside without fear of reprisal. This Freedom of Speech is one of the major God-given rights that separates the United States from Communist dictatorships and radical Islamic caliphates.

The second flag that Horowitz chose to wave was that of the radical Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS.

One would think that, even in Berkeley, students would at least come to the conclusion that ISIS is bad.

After all, ISIS’ contribution to the world has been a reign of terror that has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of Christians, Jews, and Muslims, as well as people of other faiths, and displaced hundreds of thousands more.

ISIS has targeted nightclubs, restaurants, concerts, festivals, parades, airports, and has made bold claims that they will continue to terrorize the world in the name of their religion.

One could even make the argument that ISIS is imperialistic as it has, during the Obama years, invaded and conquered large swathes of land along the border of Iraq and Syria. This should be an easy thing to oppose for Leftists who stand against the United States because they think it is imperialistic.

While waving the flag of the Islamic State, Horowitz began shouting anti-American phrases, and calling out in favor of ISIS.

Surprise, surprise, Horowitz began receiving messages of support from onlookers, with one individual actually saying,

“Good for you.” 

At the end of the video, Horowitz mentioned that he only received one complaint from somebody for demonstrating with the flag of ISIS.

You can watch the video below, and let us know if it surprises you that students at the University of Berkeley in California are more outraged at the sight of the American Flag than they are at the flag of ISIS.

Source: The Blaze, Photo Source: Youtube Screenshot

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