[VIDEO] “I Grew Up With You” Trump Supporter Slams ABC News With Billboard

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A Trump supporter’s billboard has grabbed national attention with a simple, yet significant, message to the Mainstream Media:

ABC News:

I grew up with you. We are through.

The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump. I did

Pro Trump Billboard


According to Fox News, the billboard was paid for by Kyle Courtney, from Boerne, Texas.

Since the election, the Main Stream Media has been absolutely obsessed with explaining why Hillary Clinton defied their predictions by losing the race against a man with no political experience.

The Drive By Media spent very little time on examining whether or not Hillary lost because she was a weak candidate, and instead focused on other excuses.

America is sexist for not electing the first female president, America is racist because… that’s been the go-to excuse over the last years whenever the American people did not support a Democratic Party plan or policy, or, and this seems to be the one that the media has zeroed in on, the American election was hacked by the Russians.

If the Main Stream Media is to be believed, Donald Trump did not win the election, but was handed a victory by the Russian government.

As for motive, the Drive By Media pointed to the 32-page dossier that contained blackmail material that the Russians were planning on using against Trump when he was the president.

This 32-page dossier has since been shown to be completely fabricated and a result of paid-for opposition research, but the media has their story, and has not let it go.

To keep the story alive, anti-Trump “news” outlets like MSNBC, The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post have relied heavily on ‘anonymous sources’ who have information that links Trump to the Russians.

Much of the information provided by the anonymous sources has turned out to be fake, but that has not stopped the Drive By Media from continuing the narrative, and digging up more anonymous sources to support their claims. Given the media’s proven track record of finding unreliable anonymous sources, some are even questioning whether or not there are anonymous sources or if the “journalists” are just making the information up on their own.

Not a single Left-Wing political pundit, Democrat Party politician, or news outlet has, so far, offered an explanation as to how the Russians were to have ‘hacked’ the election, but the story has still remained a front-page news item for several months.


This leads to Kyle Courtney, the purchaser of the billboard space in Texas.

To the Media, there must be some explanation as to why Donald Trump won the presidential election, but they seem to completely discount the possibility that it had to do with the millions of voters who actually voted on November 8th, 2016.


Source: Fox And Friends

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