[VIDEO] Incredible Footage Of Off-Duty Cop In Shootout With Criminals While Holding Infant

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Off Duty Officer

Incredible footage of an off-duty military police officer who stopped to armed robbers, all the while holding his infant child in his arms.

It happened in Brazil when Sergeant Rafael Souza, his wife, and his young son entered Bifarma, a drugstore and pharmacy, to purchase some medicine.

CCTV footage captured a large portion of what happened next as two young punks, wearing hoodies, entered the store and waved their guns around at those inside. Eyewitnesses report that the two said they were there to rob the place.

Souza, who was still holding his child, notified the two robbers that he was an off-duty officer, and he claims that it was at that point that they pointed their guns on him.

Almost reflexively, Souza whipped out his own concealed firearm, and shot one of the two suspects at point blank range.

His wife began screaming as she watched her husband getting into a shootout with two punks while holding their baby.

Souza quickly handed the child to his wife, who scooped him up into her arms protectively, and then the off-duty military police officer hunted down the remaining robber.

When the paramedics arrived, they reportedly attempted some live-saving procedures on the two would-be criminals, but the two were pronounced dead at the scene.

Souza informed investigators that he opened fire, in self-defense, after he believed that the two men intended to shoot him when he identified himself as an officer.

Social media has been abuzz over this pharmacy shootout with the overwhelming majority identifying Souza as a hero, but some dissenters cautioned that he should have tucked the child somewhere safe before becoming embroiled in a shootout.

Still others are noting that, while this occurred outside of the United States, it would serve as a great argument against the Left’s constant drumbeat of more gun control legislation or outright gun confiscation.

The reasoning is that, if more and more criminals became unsure of whether or not they were going to lose their life at the next corner store, pharmacy, or bank robbery, due to the patrons of these businesses possibly being armed, they would be less likely to engage in this type of criminal activity.

The theory is very similar to home-owners who place signs outside of their residence that warn that a home security system is in use. Whether there is actually a home security system or not, the point is that the warning alone serves as a potential deterrent.

Criminals tend to prey on the weak and the vulnerable, and not knowing who is armed and who is not makes their career choice infinitely more difficult.

In any case, hats off to this off duty officer who went above and beyond to protect his family.

Source: Yahoo! News, Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

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